(Spoilers) Mahou Shoujo Site - Episode 10 [Discussion]


Please do not hate me if it was much too short or too many mistakes are inside... I am only a German boy with a note F in English.

This episode blew most of my expectations away. I'm not even sure where to begin, whether from the middle of the episode or from the beginning (although the brother in the series gives a simply awesome feeling)

But I prefer to start from the beginning because its.. better? or of the middle of the episode ._...? okej.. fuck it..

In the beginning of this Episode it was rather boring but there were also some important aspects inside.

From 10:11 it got better and better until the end: There's just a gun to her head and I think so: Cool shit, now show me your demonic face magica girl <3.. but then I'm unfortunately disappointed and it does not really happen ..

But then... I opened my eyes and she is already sinking in lovesickness and is standing in front of the coffin.

After the scene it finally starts she transforms into a demon for a short time, what a cool idea and something is really not often ٩(●ᴗ●)۶ where I also found the epic scene with the brother, he lives! and i hope he becomes a strong enemy, stronger than before!

[My Favorite Scene] When she cries blood, she is a lot sweeter but I think that's cute, that's probably because I'm a lil' bit crazy..

I've said enough, now it's your turn to tell you're feelings and other stuff about this Episode!

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The opening sang by Nana was 11/10. That image of Onii-chan being chained and naked is the hottest thing I have seen in a while.


Gotta agree, Nana singing the opening was pretty great and creepy. Big stuff coming up I guess.