Best First Episode of an Anime?


In your opinion what anime had the best first episode? I think that Charlotte had such an amazing first episode, in my opinion the best first episode of an anime I have seen so far.

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Aoi Bungaku Series


I would say Gakkou Gurashi!, but I actually can't remember much about it except for the last 5 minutes, so....
In that case, probably Steins;Gate.


zankyou no terror


Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Kinki Kyouten
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The Anime itself was "just" decent but the first episode was 100% slapstick comedy.
I watched it like 5 times xD


I would say that Jojo has a really amazing first episode
Everythings gets explained fast and it feels like you just watched 5 episodes of content in 1 episode




Made in Abyss, the first episode set the tone for the anime very well, easily capturing people's attention with the art, music, and colours altogether, one of the very few first episodes left me a memorable impression



i might be biased, but... damn that soundtrack has you CRAVING the upcoming episodes. so good. or is it?

also im just prolly biased.


Akame ga Kill! OMG I was so hype after the first episode!!
Too bad I can't say the same about the rest... (╥_╥)


Madoka magica knows how to start anime.


Madoka Magica had a very slow start. Created enough intrigue to keep me looking but that's about as much praise as I feel it deserves. Literally my favourite show of all time but I really think the people who wax lyrical about the first episode are being retrospectively gratified.


Fair point. But you know those little cuts Homura had. it wasn't a scene it was a moment of hearth beat. I knew why i'm here, people recommended the show after i told them i love ddlc but those little cuts actually hook me in. I also believe it's those little touches that make people watch more without even realize it.


You probably wouldn't like me if you think PMMM is the best start to anime ....I'm a filthy movie reccing heathen xD


Nah i'm way more chill on these subjects actually :D people started to watch anime at x3 speed and forget the core of it. As long as you enjoy watching it-not anything else, yes- it's all worth it, nothing else matter.
For the topic, i'm not try to convice you but let me tell this. At least you don't know the sailor moon-it's a default magical girl anime that aired on TV- you shouldn't start with PMMM


Death Note
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The first episode of Death Note will get you utterly hooked especially if you're new to anime.



Especially those first 10 minute was.... poor girl ಥ‿ಥ


literally was going to comment the same thing!!!


The beginning had such a great impact that i had to watch the rest even though the series went slow in drama after that


I really liked the first episode of K-Project


Made in Abyss' first episode was just beautiful. Some others I can think of are Madoka Magica and Shinsekai yori.

Is this really Aikatsu?

Cross Game

That death got me choked up more than most death scenes that happen in the finale of the series.




I'd say Aldnoah.Zero had a really strong start, even though the show ended up being a trainwreck. Same deal with the likes of Zankyo no Terror and Kokkoku. I don't remember how the entirety of the first episode went like in 3-gatsu no Lion, but I remember that the opening sequence itself I've found to be very impresssive.