there are more shit anime than ever!! this sucks a lot!


i dont get people who complain there are more "shit anime" out there than before. every year we get at least 2 or one good anime by extreme standards. take a lok at anime from 1986 to today. the amount of anime got increased but nonetheless we still got some good anime in a constant rate. excpet in few years we get more than usual amount of anime, but those are excptions. one might argue that it will be harder to filter through those huge amount of animu. this can be good point. for me i dont sympathize with this viewpoint. one of the reasons i belive is because i like a specific type of shows. i judge shows from the first ep, trailer, cover, art style, and synopsis and premise. basically furst impression for me is highly important, and it is a giant factor in what makes me continue watch a show or not.

in conclusion, i am biased as fuck, and i dont care if if there are more shit anime than the previous year as long there is on or 2 anime being produced each year.

TL;DR: i am complaining about people complaining about stuff. also i am gay.

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Agreed. It's not like I watch all anime anyway. There is still plenty of good anime to catch up on, and if I ever find myself in a dry spell of not having enough good anime to watch, I will still have plenty of western shows and Korean dramas to watch. When it comes to finding stuff to watch, my biggest problem is not having enough time to watch it all, not with not finding enough.


i dont get people who complain there are more "shit anime" out there than before

Well they are right.

More Anime overall = More shit Anime
(however this also means more good Anime but don't tell them!)


like how youtube allow anyone to produce their own personal content instead of maintaining a set of quality or something


The thing is, when people are talking about quality they usually say:

"In the good old days when there were only 10 Anime a season the overall quality was much higher than now, where you get 30 a season. This is quality Anime productions vs. Anime spam!"

...and this is just wrong, at least in my opinion. The number of Anime has nothing to do with the overall quality of the season. While we do get more shitty Anime these days, we also get more good ones. And they balance each other out. The good thing is though that you have more good Anime to chose from.

The only thing I agree with is that in comparison to the growth of Anime per season overall, the number of original Anime is getting smaller and smaller. But hey, you can't have everything.


you earned my respect and admiration friend


2017 was super good. MiA, GLT, owarimonogatari s2, kizu 3, march comes in like a lion, shouwa genroku and others


for me houseki no kuni was the only anime but spect opinion along lion


Yeah i mean there is more bad anime but that's because there's more anime being made then every before, its just what happens when some of the industry shift there production model to a preference of quantity over quality with the mass of light novel adaptions. And also some of the stuff produced pre 2000 was actually terrible and arguably worse then the worst stuff being produced nowdays. For every Legend of the galactic heroes or Evangelion there's stuff like Kennel Tokorozawa


thanks for the recommendation


haha, have fun with that one then.


Of course there are more shit anime. Not only the already existing shit anime won't vanish, but new entries will be added. And if more shows are produced per season, we will have more shit shows as well because Probability 101.

Then again it's not like we don't have options to filter. Information on the staff, the studios, previews, etc. are available for most shows, the original source, the genres and themes, key visuals, etc.

Who cares about a general "there are more shit anime". You have more than enough tools to be picky. This reminds me of a somewhat recent trend in anitube talking about there being "too much anime" and I don't know. What's even the point of that. Your filters are not going to stop working just because there are 100 shows to choose from instead of 10. Just keep picking what you want to watch and make use of the sources of information you have, which are actually more extensive and accurate now than they've ever been.


I think people complain about shit anime because they argue that resources and time that were spent on shit anime could have gone to producing fewer but better anime. Not that I agree with the argument, but I think that's their reason for complaining.




me too thanks