Suggesting Changes to the Stat Page


I would like to see the "Voice Actors", "Staff", and "Studio" tabs work the same way that the "Genres & Tags" tab works in that selecting one of the entries will only show woks that are on your list. for example, when I select "Youko Hikasa" under "Voice Actors" I would like it to only display the works in which she appears that I've actually added to my list.

Thanks in advance for any work that may be done on this.

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Maybe i'm asking a dumb question but do you need to enable an option in your settings to have certain stats be visible because I don't even have a voice actors or staff tab in my stats and it only shows one studio lol.


I belive it only shows some of them after you have a certain number of shows added in that category. Seems like Voice actors needs 20 shows featuring a single voice actor to show them on the list, for example.


Oh okay, thanks for the useful response


This is planned, its a little more complicated to do for the non-genre/tag stats so I didn't get around to it when working on the stats pages last time.