Things aren't the same anymore


It was two years ago,when i wrote about how i loved spoilers and this statement was also true at that time. Now im 19 and I really lost that aspect of my life. I can even remember when i was 12 and I just started consuming anime like it was high quality crack cocain. It only took a week and I would have completed all the anime i can only hope to consume in 1 year. ~

How can i get into that phasen where the passage of time seemed limitless, basic human need where just a factor of earthly bounds and the fact that every anime, even with the dumbest plotline, was a straight up 10/10?


Please help me

but now I'm quite good at making memes, which is nice

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You are just more mature than back then. The older you get the faster the time goes, and the less time you have for hobbies and yourself.


-Wait a while
-check your plan to list,
Are you FEEL like watching any of them? Don't critic it by any means just check out a random reviews or maybe just google the pictures. Do you feel like to watch any of it?
This is the medicine you need. It worked for me and i watched the legends like stein gates and pscyo pass
Repeat the cycle


to add onto @veritasmahwa's comment, also try just picking some random show that you think might possibly be interesting, ignoring score etc. I've found some great hidden gems (or at least, great stuff I personally never would have tried usually) that got me out of the funk that way.

Also, I completely lost my passion for anime about a year or two ago and I think the best solution is to just find another interest for a little bit. Course, watch an anime here or there, but sometimes a good healthy break is the best remedy.


Things will get worse in your 20s my friend.

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And yet hear I am watching more anime than I ever did before!!


Good but I got to work . I barely have time to watch anime. Shit's sad.

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It's partly that you've seen more, in the past everything was novel to you, it had a wow factor from that.

In addition as you get older you are most likely going to take on more and more responsibilities which will inevitably take time away from your hobbies. Hell, you'll probably pick up additional hobbies which will take time away from anime for you.

Personally what this meant for me was to branch off and try to find new ways to appreciate different titles. As a result my love of it all is only growing.


at least you're good at making memes. that's all that matters


That's the spirit


Once you start watching anime (especially at a young age) everything is good because you have no taste. You enjoy everything. Most people might say that is a bad thing.

However, they are very wrong. "No taste" is the best taste. Every anime is 10/10 and its because YOU enjoy it. Not because of some amazing plot with no holes, amazing characters that develop over time or beautifully drawn anime. It is because YOU thoroughly love the time, or time vortex, you have to watch any anime.

The sad part is over time you do start liking certain animes more than others. You come to an understanding that some animes can't match your previous (nostalgia glasses) experiences. This is where you develop "shit taste". When you start liking some "shit" over the other. It doesn't really matter what personal criteria you have. If the anime doesn't live up to those standards it isn't as good for you.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, I'm told. When you've reached the anime guru status and have watched boat loads of anime chasing the feelings you had from your favorites. You get burnt out. You give up your standards and realize that sometimes you just need to watch a shitty Harem (no not the Harem you like, that shit one nobody likes.)

Eventually, you come back full circle to "no taste". This is when you can sit down and enjoy any anime again. You've given your last fuck and you've moved on. You can enjoy anime for the sake of anime.

One must have shit taste before one has no taste.
You should also watch this video


Ah i see, you're a man of gigguk follower as well.
Best advice so far.


I can attest to this, even though I haven't watched many titles. I can say I went full circle. I am now at a point where I can watch anything, even a stupid harem, I can clearly tell how bad it is, but I enjoyed it like a beer on a hot Sunday afternoon. I went through phases of not wanting to watch Anime at all, because nothing lived up to expectations and eventually I reached nirvana - burn out. Here I am even with a limited viewed number, yet experiencing what you are speaking of @Sabseph.


I don't believe that you can have "no taste" at all. Ot at least this was the case for me - and many others, for sure. Even as a kid I disliked some anime like Dragonball and other things like Star Wars etc. Maybe you didn't get enough experience yet (at this point in your life), but at least you know the genre, art style and sort of characters you like. This taste develops in the one or another direction, imo.

At least there is not such a thing like "shit taste", because different people developed their own mindsets and point of view in life.
So everyones interprets stories and characters through their own glasses anyway.

For me, it really works to ignore the scores and reviews. I read them afterwards, because they might affect me, subconsciously. In every community, there are "what to like / not to like"-trends.
So I watch the first OP, trailer, pictures etc...and decide if I want to watch or read it. But I try to avoid reviews and other statements like that.
Exceptions are friends, who recommend me their favs. Tho, the positive opinions from people you respect and like very much also could influence you. They emphasize the positives sides... which is a good thing, I guess?


For someone who goes through their fair share of "dry" phases of anime, where everything just looks boring, I'll give you some advice:

Live your own life before you spend it watching anime. Just going through life not thinking about anime whatsoever allowed me some space and more satisfaction in what I watched. And if you haven't already, explore other mediums too, it'll freshen things up when you watch anime. Overall, you've watched double the anime I have, so I might be in a similar dilemna as yours in the future, but I highly recommend living your own life absent of anime.

When you do return, make sure to watch as a consumer rather than a critic (if you understand me), it'll make things much more enjoyable. Try and be a bit more spontaneous rather than planned when you watch things, it keeps watching anime exciting. Good luck.


I was in a similiar situation a long time ago and what I did was to take a break from Anime. I know this sounds easier than it might be but afterwards I was able to enjoy Anime again. What also helped was that during my break I was switching over to Visual Novels, aka a different medium, to entertain myself.

I want to note though that my break was a bit extreme... I planned to ignore Anime for 1 or 2 years but because of work and other stuff I ended up not watching Anime for 4 whole years. Plz don't kill me!