5cm per second / Wolf Children / Summer Wars


I'm about to watch a movie, and I wanted to know which you guys thought were the best from these three. They all look pretty good to me and I've heard really good review about all three, so just by recommendations, which do you guys think was the best?

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Ookami Kodomo, definitely. It was good enough that I didn't fall asleep watching it, and I do for pretty much every movie.


Wolf Children.
But really, watch all three and form your own opinion.


I agree. Wolf Children would be my favorite of the bunch, but you should definitely watch all of them.


One of my favorites, Wolf Children. Enjoyed it alot!


Summer wars by far. Wolf children was great too (and exceeded my expectations) but the ending wasn't very satisfying. 5 centimeters per second was an extremely boring "can anime be art" kind of deal and it sacrificed any story, characters or anything interesting just to do so.


I've just watched Summer Wars and Wolf Children (haven't gotten to 5cm per second yet), but I can say that I completely agree with you that the ending for Wolf Children wasn't at all satisfying. Lovely story, but Summer Wars was just more engaging for me.

On a side note though, as everyone's previously stated, yes, Wolf Children definitely has a higher technical aspect and is much more developed in the story, characters, and animation departments, but I think Summer Wars was just easier to get into. Unlike Wolf Children, Summer Wars is more something I can keep rewatching, whereas I feel content with just one watch of Wolf Children.


Wolf Children definitely. It was soooo good. But then I would recommend 5cm per second and summer wars after. All really good movies I think you should enjoy. I did.
Have fun ^^


Watch Wolf Children. It's honestly the best anime movie to date. Still waiting for Mamarou Hisoda's next work to come out :(


For the record, if you're watching summer Wars and Wolf Children, you should also check out The Girl who Leapt Through Time. Same director and definitely worth seeing.


The director is consistently awesome. Watch them all in any order.