Add Reccomendation section


I think that a reccomendation section would be amazing, if you add this in an anime page for example, the place where you can get information about an can also check out if there are similarities with others anime, so maybe one person will start to watch the correlated anime..but to do that maybe you have to write also briefly the differences to engage people

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This is planned, likely be the next thing we work on after some more bug fixing, and the new submissions system.


Awesome! Keep up the good work :D


@Josh I love the team here! Communication is great. I know it might feel like you are repeating yourself a lot. (I've seen mod posts about recommendation section already). However, it is great you all care enough to keep communicating with your audience.

Squash those bugs! Thanks for the hard work. We'll be happy to see the improvements after you've done some bug fixing.


Agree, thanks a lot, I'm loving this community, keep it up with the great work!