Add More Manga to Database


I read a lot of manga and while moving over my titles (from goodreads mainly), I found that a lot of BL titles are not available or have a 404 page so I can't add them to my profile :/

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Then you could send in an application to get them added to Manga database. I filled out a database application for an anime and it wasn't that hard.

Edit: I didn't process the BL bit so what Josh suggests will probably fix that


Enabling adult content in settings will let you view those pages that 404'd. For the other stuff we don't have yet details on submitting them are here



Although could it be possible to make those pages not doing a 404 but simply a message telling you can't access it because you haven't enabled adult content or something like that?

Because those 404 are really puzzling and just looks like a bug.


Yeah i agree with this. It could cause more incidents like this we people think its not actually in the database when it is.