Spring 2018 Wrap-Up Thread


Since this thread exists, it'll probably be time to wrap up the spring season soon...

For people who haven't seen one of these before, this is sort of a forum tradition on AniList. Take a look at previous versions of the thread (e.g. the winter 2018 version) to see different potential ways you can lay out your post. You can use the category list as a guide, but feel free to debate, object to others’ bad taste, deviate from the default template at your leisure and whatnot.


Favorite Anime of the Season
Best Anime of the Season
Worst Anime of the Season

Best Artstyle
Worst Artstyle
Best Animation
Worst Animation

Best Opening Theme
Worst Opening Theme
Best Ending Theme
Worst Ending Theme
Best Soundtrack
Worst Soundtrack

Best Male Voice Actor
Worst Male Voice Actor
Best Female Voice Actor
Worst Female Voice Actor

Best Male Character
Worst Male Character
Best Female Character
Worst Female Character
Best Couple
Worst Couple

Surprise of the Season
Disappointment of the Season
Overall Thoughts on the Season

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