hi! i like your app so far, but i'm having a bit of a problem with Shinjiru when it comes to detecting the anime i watch. i watch my anime on my laptop using MPC-HC, and unfortunately i can't set my media player to use my graphics processor in the Nvidia control panel (its locked to integrated graphics; i read a long time ago that this setting can't be changed in laptops =_=). to remedy this, i simply copied the .exe file and renamed it, and i was able to set it to use my graphics processor in Nvidia's settings. however, while it works fine with the original MPC-HC.exe, Shinjiru is not able to detect anime when i use the modified executable of my media player. would it be possible to fix this in a future update? thanks, and have a nice day~

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I'm not a huge fan of trying to add a catch-all for cases like that, since it'd pretty much force it to check every process in detail unless it was a specific exe name being added.

If you look at the list of exe names here do any of those let you change it to your gpu in the Nvidia settings?
If not, can you provide me with an exe name that I can add to the list, preferrably it'd be named something like "mpc_gpu_workaround.exe" or something similar.

thanks for replying! while the filename mpc-hc64.exe had unmodifiable properties with regards to gpu usage, i was able to get it to work with the next option. weird how that works. but thanks a lot for your help, i appreciate it a lot!