My opinion of Black Bullet (mainly about the mangá)

Introduction: Hello I usually dont make comments threads or something like this but when I finished Black Bullet I felt that I had to do probably because the felling of disappointed that it gave me. Im not accustomed to doing this kind of thing so sorry if Its just opinion. 220 My opinion: Personally I think Black Bullet had so much potencial and it was more explored in the anime. When the mang had a confirmation of the adaptation in anime the author just gave up the idea of the mang and made a hasty end. I hated it so many scenes were cut of the mang the story and characters were throw into the trash. I do no about the Light Novel because I didnt read. What I think that happened: The author was animated about the success of the anime and just this was good for him he decided have some time of the mang and some months latter he decided that it should have a end and dropped totally the idea of Black Bullet or the other possibility it that he had some problem in his life or thought that It was not what he wanna and dropped the mang. My conclusion: The anime is good and the author focused on it I recommend but the mang disappointed me I dont recommend. Light Novel I dont like read light novels but if I had to guess I would say its good unless the author had dropped like the mang. Go on your own.
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