Do you set any titles in your lists to private?


I do sometimes because I don't want people judging my bad taste.

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I didn't even know that was possible.

But no, I don't. I have good reasons why I like or dislike certain works and I don't mind discussing those views with others.
I also think that taste is something subjective, so no one should feel bad about what they like or don't like.



Good points.

But I still kinda feel more comfortable starting a conversation first to set some context before showing people the full list of the trash I've seen and read, lol.


Haven't found a reason to do so yet but I'm new to this thing.

I don't have good reasons for why I like or dislike anime/manga but I don't think anyone pays much attention to it.

At least if it's just sitting in my list; I have made the mistake of recommending some of my more bizarre favorites and can't say it has worked so well.


Pfff you guys have such a pure mind. How can hentai not be the first thing that you think of?


my yaois :>


No bad tastes! Just different tastes!

There is no shame in watching something you enjoy!


I only set certain shows I've watched in the past a very very long time ago in my childhood to private i.e Dragon Ball Z cause it doesnt feel right to have it on my public list when I dont remember a lot of the details.


no, i'm proud of my bad taste and all the gay porn manga i've read.


I set some of my planning titles to private, but everything in completed is public, even the stuff I'm not proud of.


I currently have exactly one manga and one anime entry set to private. They're both fanservice-heavy and the anime entry is basically the closest thing to hentai I've got in my opinion. They basically stick out like sore thumbs on my otherwise-clean list, so...that's why.

Then again, I do have DakaIchi not set to private, partly because I do admit it's not all that trashy for a yaoi and partly because of its nature as a seasonal show which I felt I was ~mature~ enough to tackle this fall season (judging by how much mental preparation time I needed for the first episode though, that might be the only yaoi I'll watch...ever).


I've got an Incest Harem show in my favorites. I know what I'm about, and I don't care what people think about my tastes, so no, I don't hide anything.

That being said, if anyone I knew IRL found my profile, I'd probably kill myself due to sheer embarrassment


I've got an Incest Harem show in my favorites.

Exactly the same, lol. It's one of my few exceptions because—fuck it. Also, it lets people know that my taste isn't totally pure.


Nah i've got nothing to hide.


whats the point on that? i obviously want people to see everything so that I can tell them that their taste is bad rofl


Never done that before, I'd like to give people the opportunity to discover new series they might enjoy heh


Only my planning titles to private. I'm not proud of my taste, but for me, is ok to show!


Nah, I mostly use my MAL account which nobody checks out anyway.