AWC: Drama Genre Challenge

150 Drama Genre Challenge 90 65 23 23 23 Easy: Violet Evergarden from Violet Evergarden Normal: Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats Hard: Decim from Death Parade Badges designed by Electrochemist and Shoxi Rewards: 7 Challenge Points Badges Easy Mode: 1 Challenge Point Easy Badge Normal Mode: 1 Challenge Point Normal Badge Hard Mode: 1 Challenge Point Hard Badge Mastery: 4 Challenge Points Mastery Badge 65 90 90 Easy Mode Only: You can use anime you completed before starting the challengeInclude a note for each anime that you previously completed Normal Hard Mode: All anime must be completed after making your challenge post Runtime: Each anime must be a minimum of 30 minutes unless otherwise stated There is no time limit to complete this challengeYou can rewatch anime for this challengeYou must state if you rewatched an anime in your challenge postRewatches must be correctly logged on AniList to countTo log a rewatch set an anime to rewatching and increment the episodes via the Anime In Progress panel on the AniList home pageAn activity showing the episodes as rewatched will appear in your feed. For movies and anime with only 1 episode the activity will show the anime as completed.You can use an anime you started before making your challenge postYou can use any number of anime from other challenges as long as they allow sharingYou cannot use the same anime to fulfill multiple requirements within this challengeYou cannot use speed watching to complete this challenge Your activity must include the start and end dates which can be added in the AniList List Editor an estimate and make a note in your post if you do not recall the exact date you previously completed an anime. You may use the date you joined AniList or imported your list. Your profile must be set to public so we can verify your anime list and activity 65 All anime must have the Drama genre GENRES TAGS 01 Watch an anime with the genres Drama and Romance02 Watch a Drama anime with any of the genres: Psychological Mystery or Thriller03 Watch a Drama anime with the genre Supernatural or Fantasy04 Watch a Drama anime with any of the tags: Tragedy Revenge or Bullying05 Watch a Drama anime with the tag Coming of Age or Philosophy06 Watch a Drama anime with any of the tags: Historical War Military or Classic Literature07 Watch a Drama anime with the tag Shounen or Seinen08 Watch a Drama anime with the tag Shoujo or Josei STATS 09 Watch a Drama anime with the format SpecialNo minimum runtime10 Watch a Drama anime with the format OVA or ONANo minimum runtime11 Watch a Drama anime with the format Movie12 Watch a Drama anime with the format TV13 Watch a Drama anime with the format TV or TV Short14 Watch a Drama anime with a mean score of 70 or above on AniList15 Watch a Drama anime with a mean score of 69 or below on AniList ADAPTATIONS 16 Watch a Drama anime with the source Manga17 Watch a Drama anime with any source other than Manga18 Watch a Drama anime that has a prequel or a sequel listed as a relation on AniListThe relation must have finished airing or be currently airing STUDIOS 19 Watch a Drama anime by Shaft must be listed as a Studio or ProducerYou may still use Shaft for the studios below Watch a Drama anime from three different studiosState the studio used for each requirement20 First studio21 Second studio22 Third studio TIME 23 Watch a Drama anime that started airing in 1999 or earlier24 Watch a Drama anime that started airing between 2000 and 200425 Watch a Drama anime that started airing between 2005 and 200926 Watch a Drama anime that started airing between 2010 and 201427 Watch a Drama anime that started airing between 2015 and the current year28 Watch a Drama anime with 12 episodes or less29 Watch a Drama anime with 13 episodes or more30 Watch a Drama anime that started airing in any Spring season31 Watch a Drama anime that started airing in any Summer season32 Watch a Drama anime that started airing in any Fall season33 Watch a Drama anime that started airing in any Winter season TITLE 34 Watch a Drama anime with a title that begins with a letter between ALIncludes English and Romaji titles only35 Watch a Drama anime with a title that begins with a letter between MZIncludes English and Romaji titles only36 Watch a Drama anime that has The in the titleCannot be part of another unrelated wordIncludes English and Romaji titles only37 Watch a Drama anime with a title that contains any of the letters: O M or GIncludes English and Romaji titles only CHARACTERS AND SETTINGS 38 Watch a Drama anime with a main character that goes to schoolState the character39 Watch a Drama anime with a primarily adult cast40 Watch a Drama anime with a character that has a petState the character and the kind of pet they have eg. dog cat hamster snake41 Watch a Drama anime with 4 main characters or moreThe characters must be listed as Main on AniList42 Watch a Drama anime that is set during wartimeIncludes fictional wars43 Watch a Drama anime that does not take place in JapanFor example it may take place in another country a fictional country a virtual world in space or on another planetState the location MISCELLANEOUS 44 Watch a Drama anime from another participants challenge or a Drama anime recommended by a user on the AWC Discord a screenshot showing the recommendation or include a link to the participants challenge45 Watch a Drama anime you have not used for any other AWC Challenge BONUS Bonus requirements are optional and may be swapped in for any four original challenge requirementsB1 Watch a Drama anime that started airing before 1990Must have started in 1989 or earlierB2 Watch an awardwinning Drama animeState the award that was wonProvide a link to a page that shows when the anime won the award such as an AniList page a wiki page or an organisations website etcB3 Watch a Drama anime listed in the Top 250 Most Popular anime according to AnimeNewsNetworkB4 Watch a Drama anime that also has your least favourite genre based on Mean ScoreProvide a screenshot of your genre stats page sorted by Mean ScoreIf you do not rate anime you can sort by Count insteadIf there are no anime with that combination or your least favourite is Drama you may use your second least favourite genre 65 How To Enter The Challenge Post a comment in this thread to enter the challenge. Use the code we have provided below You will need to reply 2 times to your entry commentYour entry comment should include Easy Mode 15 requirementsReply 1 should include Normal Mode 15 requirementsReply 2 should include Hard Mode 15 requirements Be sure to reply to your entry comment only and not a previous replyOnly replies to your entry comment will be valid. Stacked replies may not be reviewed The date you post the entry comment is your challenge start dateYou can keep track of your progress through editing your comments here or update them when you finish each mode Drama Genre Challenge Code You must use the challenge code we have provided for your challenge entryYou should only change the text in red to add the information for your challengeYou can still customise and personalise your challenge entry in the ways described belowFor more information about personalising your entry please read our Challenge Code Update post Your challenge should be separated into 3 sections so that Easy Normal and Hard have 15 shows eachYour entry comment should include Easy Mode then Normal and Hard should be in replies to your entry commentYou must use the difficulty mode as the heading for each sectionThe requirements you choose must be listed in numerical order within each section eg. 1 6 10 19 27 etc.Any bonus requirements you use should be placed after the numbered requirements within each sectionYou can remove any unused requirements such as the ones youve replaced with a bonus All dates must use the YYYYMMDD formatThese dates must match the dates in your list editor and your profile activities All requirement numbers must use a 01 formatBonuses must be noted with a B1 format and placed at the end of each Easy / Normal / Hard mode section where youve used them You may use either title links or preview cards for requirementsThese should always be placed alone on the next line after the requirement textTitle links are provided by default in the code and can be included using the format: AnimeTitleanimelinkPreview cards will be automatically generated by simply including a link to the anime or manga: animelinkWhen using preview cards you must state if youve used an English Romaji or Native title for any requirements that ask for specific attributes of an anime or manga titleYou must use title links for hentai even if the rest of your challenge uses preview cards When additional information is required you must use // to separate the information as shown in the challenge codeYou should not add any extra new lines or include any more than the required informationDo not place any information inside a spoiler tag: if an image or screenshot is requested you must include it as a link You can change the status indicators to any symbols or emojis of your choiceThe status indicator must be located between the requirement number and requirement textYou must use different symbols or emojis for each status if they are too similar then your submission may be delayed or rejectedThe status indicators must be noted in the legend located in the header of your postYou may add additional statuses to the legend such as Watching or Rewatched You can change the size of text center it make it bold italicized or strikethrough itEach requirement number must be the first thing on their line so do not add any formatting options directly before them You may customise the header of the challenge code as long as it includes the same informationThe header is the section above the first in your entry comment before the actual requirementsFor example you may wish to add a challenge banner anime graphics or other visual elements You may customise the footer of the challenge code in any way you likeThe footer is an optional section below the requirements in your final reply onlyYou should include a to separate out your footer if one is not already present in the codeFor example the footer can be used to personalise your entry with more graphics links to your other challenges or your seasonal badge vote Submitting a Completed Challenge Mode When you have fulfilled all of the requirements for a challenge mode please post a link to your updated entry in the Challenge Submissions Thread You must make a new submission for each mode you complete. You must post a link for each completed mode as a separate comment in the Challenge Submissions Thread An AWC Staff member will check your challenge to ensure that you have followed the rules and requirements correctly. If you have completed the challenge mode successfully you will receive a profile message from them including any rewards. If not you will receive a reply to your submission with any changes that you may need to make. Only submissions via the AniList forum will be accepted. This means submissions via Discord spreadsheets or other documents will not be reviewed. Help Recommendations Please head over to the AWC Discord if you need any help with this challenge or would like some recommendations from our community members. Badge: Easy: Violet Evergarden Violet Evergarden Normal: Kanade Tachibana Angel Beats Hard: Decim Death Parade Mastery: Himari Takakura Penguindrum GFX: Shouya Ishida Koe no Katachi Meiko Honma Anohana Kyou Fujibayashi Clannad Decim Death Parade Violet Evergarden Violet Evergarden
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