Most effed up VN you've played or plan to play


I love edgy stuff. I have finished Kara no Shoujo and Kara no Shoujo 2, masterpieces both of them. Lots of blood, gore and over-all effed plot and characterss. Right now, I'm playing through Saya no Uta (no spoilers please!!!), loving it a lot. Can anyone recommend me some deranged VNs like these, I also started the 999 VN but that's on pause for now

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Only VN I've read is Fate/stay night. Probably pretty tame in comparison to the one's you're reading but there's a couple scenes with some fucked up shit.


Heaven's Feel is pretty fucked up, but UBW and Fate are extremely tame.


The Letter is pretty cool if you're into horror and drama stuff. It also has quite a high replayability because of how many different outcomes it has.

It's more of an indie title, so uh.. not very well known. Check it out if you want to!


Seems promising but the character design kinda puts me off but if the plot, characters, choices, atmosphere and gore is there it'll be alright. Thanks for the suggestion


Dual Phase ~ Soukakurou (Anal mo Vagina mo Hirogacchaimashita)
you need to play it multiple times to get the different stories to play. the more you play the more it gets effed up

RoyalReaper really just looks like an erotic fetish fest than an effed up plot


Well, I think might give that a look in between Rance games.


I've read a lot less Visual Novels than I wish I had, so I can't help much... But I've recently had an argument with a friend about Saya no Uta. I thought it was a wonderful love story, he thought it was a fucked up brutality. If I could have anything Anime-ized perfectly, that would be it anyway. Aaaaaand, I see your reading it. Reminded of the time I failed an english test by not reading the question. Whoops. Ero okay?

The one that comes to mind is infamously well known, Euphoria. I would like to get back to this for the plot that still lingers on my mind a couple years since I dropped it, but I just need be in the right mind set. If anybody knows things that hit me the same way Saya did, I'd love to know.


I think both you and your friend are correct because it looks to me that even though they love each other. Both of them will end up becoming the antagonists and that'll be the paradox of the story to whether sympathize with them or not. Also I can't wait to see what Saya looks like IRL rather than a normal girl in the nether realm, my moneys on a disgusting and putrid slime monster that eats dead animals

Umm......I'll pass on Euphoria not the kind of effed up I'm looking for


I don't blame you one bit. Sends shivers through my spine to say the very least.


It was a really beautiful love story. It also has a lot to think about.


From the ones I've played, Subarashiki Hibi is by far the most fucked up. Shit's REALLY fucked up.


Seems really mysterious, probably with less gore but I think it's worth a try


It's definitely worth a try, a masterpiece of modern literature


Intrigued. Definatelty going on my list.


do it, it's really really great. it's pretty philosophical too if you like that stuff since it's built around wittgenstein's tractatus.

gotta agree with @Aldnox on this one, I haven't read any vn more fucked up than this one so far.


Mostly play the tame ones, bc of story focus. The most intense I'm planning on reading would be Fraternite, as I friend told me it would be an even more insane version of Euphoria with only bad endings if I recall him correctly.
As for the ones I've read: I think Sharin no Kuni was pretty intense on a realization level. Was less grotesque with h-content, but more on the social/psychological side imo.


Nobody brought up the real ones? Quite disappointed^^

Definitely Fraternite
Minikui Mojika no Ko
MinDeaD BlooD ~支配者の為の狂死曲~
ダストマニア・グロテスク ~解体挿入新書~ is even english translated.
But most stuff which got translated into english is pretty harmless the real stuff is almost never translated i ony know one or two exceptions.

There is so much more out there however if you cant into japanese you wont find much.
You also could try out Maggot Bait and Cartagra ( prequel for kara no shoujo)
Else you can always serach for certain tags.


Well, the only two VNs I played so far were School Days HQ and Shiny Days.
...Make your own conclusions about that.


both great vns, especially Shiny Days imo, explains a lot about Makoto which even made me apreciate him contrary to the anime, nice touch as they are completely animated as well, and nice bad endings, good choices


Not really a visual novel, but very close to it since the game is limited in terms of gameplay.

Corpse Party on 3DS. It's... disturbing. (T▽T) Not sure if I'll bring myself to continue, knowing that there will be more horrors ahead. -_-