I've read a lot less Visual Novels than I wish I had, so I can't help much... But I've recently had an argument with a friend about Saya no Uta. I thought it was a wonderful love story, he thought it was a fucked up brutality. If I could have anything Anime-ized perfectly, that would be it anyway. Aaaaaand, I see your reading it. Reminded of the time I failed an english test by not reading the question. Whoops. Ero okay?

The one that comes to mind is infamously well known, Euphoria. I would like to get back to this for the plot that still lingers on my mind a couple years since I dropped it, but I just need be in the right mind set. If anybody knows things that hit me the same way Saya did, I'd love to know.


I think both you and your friend are correct because it looks to me that even though they love each other. Both of them will end up becoming the antagonists and that'll be the paradox of the story to whether sympathize with them or not. Also I can't wait to see what Saya looks like IRL rather than a normal girl in the nether realm, my moneys on a disgusting and putrid slime monster that eats dead animals

Umm......I'll pass on Euphoria not the kind of effed up I'm looking for


I don't blame you one bit. Sends shivers through my spine to say the very least.


It was a really beautiful love story. It also has a lot to think about.