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Advent Calendar Challenge: December 2018

You can get a special wreath badge for the monthly challenge by completing both the advent challenge and the December Monthly Challenge (to be posted at midnight PST December 1st).

Badges designed by: Electrochemist and Shoxi

- Choose an anime with exactly 24 episodes

- Watch one episode a day from Dec 1st to Dec 24th

- Make sure to log the episode you watched daily so it appears in your activity feed

- Challenge time is based on Pacific Standard Time (UTC -8). Day submissions for activity will be based on midnight PST

- Challenge must be started by December 5th to be eligible for completion

  • You cannot use an anime you have previously watched
  • You cannot use an anime you are using in the December monthly challenge
  • Post a reply in this forum when you start the challenge with the anime you have chosen
  • You are allowed a total of 5 “gifts”. A gift is to be used if you missed a day of watching.
    • Comment under your post if you used a gift
    • You cannot watch episodes ahead. Episodes watched ahead will count as a “gift”
    • No gifts may be used after Dec 24th
  • Your profile must be set to public so we can verify your anime list and activity

Time Limit

  • Dec 1st, 00:01 PST - Dec 24th, 2018 23:59 PST

We now have an AWC Recommendation bot - and it is enabled for this challenge!

Have you been having a hard time trying to figure out which anime would fit which challenge requirement?
Fret not! The bot is here to help you. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Type in your reply as usual - you can leave the anime entries empty or as placeholders for now
  2. On a new line anywhere in your message type-in the following: Opt-In
  3. The phrase “Opt-In” must be in bold and have the dash between opt and in

The bot will periodically check for opt-ins (this process may take a number of minutes - up to 10 minutes). Once it sees your entry it will check for all anime in your Plan to Watch list and advises you (in the form of a reply) on which of your anime fit this challenge (if any) with up to five recommendations.

This bot is still in very-early beta. This comes with the usual baggage... Here's the fine-detail that you should know:

1. Accuracy: The bot can only recommend anime for a predefined list of requirements. Some (or all) of the requirements have to be selected manually. Any (or all) recommendations provided by the bot should be double-checked before setting them up in the challenge.
2. Liability: The bot (and the AWC staff) cannot be held responsible for your failing to meet any requirement as per the bot suggestion(s). Neither can they be held responsible for the bot's failure to provide recommendations or for any possible malfunctions (no reply / multiple replies etc).
3. Availability: The bot may be taken down at any time during the challenge - with and without any prior announcement. This is especially likely if any severe bugs are discovered.
4. Feedback: Constructive-criticism is welcomed and greatly appreciated. This does not guarantee in any way that your suggestion will make it through. If you have any feedback please talk to us on Discord or message TrapperHell or Lazareen

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If you are having a difficult time finding an anime to fulfill a certain requirement, feel free to ask in our Challenge Discussion Forum, ask us on Discord, or ask a fellow AniList member for a recommendation.