Quantum physics and Quantum teleportation that is it. I don't realy, like that.
It does not convince me.
I would rather like something unrealistic like magic or curse.
But no, no, Quantum Quantum is answer for everything. It's very annoying that only answer we got is QUANTUM PHYSICS (You are to stupid to get this so don't even try to understand. Just believe)


I believe in the anime they are trying to use quantum mechanics to explain the phenomenon, but IRL quantum mechanics doens't work that way.

Think of it like the anime's version of magic called quantum mechanics.

They are only using the very general idea of concepts of quantum mechanics. Things magically happening, explained using 'quantum mechanics'. Probably just to sound more sophisticated :p


If i could think about it like magic then
I would like to like almost every S-F anime/book/movie.
If creator go in to S-F, then he have to do it properly.
He have to do something more than just telling
I have even more to say. This anime is similar to Monogatari, i bet you noticed that.
MC helps girls with theirs problems, and he is building something like ,,harem".
This is a common point.
.. at this moment i noticed that it useless to compare these series.
Monogatari is masterpiece, Bunny girl is just seasonal anime
which we will forget until next year.


The use of Quantum physics was an explanation of the Blondie's puberty syndrome. But rather a metaphorical way of expressing the idea of "Blondie wants to be Mai, so she copies her looks, to be Mai". I think this because of the wording of the explanation. Blondie "took the blueprint for her big sisters physical body". Blondie copied the body of Mai, in order to further be Mai. Note I havent re watched the episode, but I do think my theory is right.