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Badge Characters:

Easy: Norkio Takaya from Gunbuster | Normal: Kamina from Gurren Lagann | Char Aznable from Gundam

Badges designed by Shoxi, Lazareen, and Xeldum

Once you've finished your challenge on hard mode you can start the challenge over for a 2 times complete. By doing so, you can earn the animated mastery badges to show off your dedication towards the genre. Your second entry has to be in a new post with new entries and it must contain a link to your original completed submission.

Mastery Badge Design:

Coming Soon

You can use anime you have already completed for Easy mode ONLY

  • You cannot use the same anime to fulfill multiple requirements within a challenge
  • You can use anime you have already completed for Easy mode ONLY the first time through
    • Leave a note under the specific requirement that it was previously completed
  • You can use any number of rewatches throughout the challenge
    • Leave a note under the specific requirement that it was a rewatch
  • You can use an anime you have previously started, if you have not completed the anime
  • You can use currently airing anime, but they must be finished airing before you submit your challenge as completed
  • You cannot use speed watching to complete this challenge

    Speed watching is watching an anime at 2x speed / 3x speed, etc. This goes against the spirit of these challenges which is to introduce you to anime you may not have watched otherwise


  • Challenge start date is considered the day you post
  • There is no time limit to complete this challenge
  • There is no limit on the number of anime you can use from other challenges


Your profile must be set to public so we can verify your anime list and activity

  • Make sure to update your activity regularly as this is our only means of verifying a participant actually watched the anime they submitted for their challenge.

  • Post a reply in this forum when you start the challenge with the code we have provided below
  • Include the name of the challenge, difficulty level, and challenge start and finish dates in your initial post
  • You can keep track of your progress through editing your submission here, or update it when you are finished
  • Please use the code we have provided for your challenge submission. You can edit it however you want as long as it follows the same format
    • You can find the challenge code here: Challenge Code
    • Fill out the portions in red text only to keep code formatting
  • When you have fulfilled all of the requirements for a challenge mode, please post a link to your submission in the Challenge Submissions forum post.
  • You must submit each mode separately to the Submission thread as you complete them.

    You can get a link by clicking on the link icon on your forum reply. Post that comment web address to the challenge submissions forum. This makes it easier for reviewers instead of looking through multiple forums for submissions

Formatting for challenge submissions should include the following information:

  1. Start: DD/MM/YY Finish: DD/MM/YY Challenge Requirement: Link with Anime Title Additional Information

    Screenshot Image

  • You must clearly separate each difficulty level so that Easy, Normal and Hard have 10 shows each. (You can use --- to create a page divider on AniList)
  • For each mode, the requirements you use must be displayed in numerical order (eg. 1, 6, 10, 19, 27, etc.)
  • You must make a new submission to the Challenge Submissions thread for each mode you complete.

Don’t like having to fill out the challenge code? Check out our code generator! Paste your information into the generator and it will create the code for you.
This generator is still in beta: if you find issues, please let us know on our Discord or message Nymh or Lazareen

We now have an AL AWC Recommendation bot - and it is enabled for this challenge!

Have you been having a hard time trying to figure out which anime would fit which challenge requirement?
Fret not! The bot is here to help you. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Type in your reply as usual - you can leave the anime entries empty or as placeholders for now
  2. On a new line anywhere in your message type-in the following: Opt-In
  3. The phrase “Opt-In” must be in bold and have the dash between opt and in

The bot will periodically check for opt-ins (this process may take a number of minutes - up to 10 minutes). Once it sees your entry it will check for all anime in your Plan to Watch list and advises you (in the form of a reply) on which of your anime fit a given requirement (if any). As a bonus, the app will also check your Completed anime list for Easy-Mode challenge completion.

This bot is still in very-early beta. This comes with the usual baggage... Here's the fine-detail that you should know:

1. Accuracy: The bot can only recommend anime for a predefined list of requirements. Some (or all) of the requirements have to be selected manually. Any (or all) recommendations provided by the bot should be double-checked before setting them up in the challenge.
2. Liability: The bot (and the AWC staff) cannot be held responsible for your failing to meet any requirement as per the bot suggestion(s). Neither can they be held responsible for the bot's failure to provide recommendations or for any possible malfunctions (no reply / multiple replies etc).
3. Availability: The bot may be taken down at any time during the challenge - with and without any prior announcement. This is especially likely if any severe bugs are discovered.
4. Feedback: Constructive-criticism is welcomed and greatly appreciated. This does not guarantee in any way that your suggestion will make it through. If you have any feedback please talk to us on Discord or message TrapperHell or Lazareen

Requirements are listed under spoiler tags

Genre / Tags

If an anime is missing a tag, please help make AniList better and add the tag. You can add additional tags by clicking the plus sign next to the tag list and filling out the form. Screenshots on how to do this are located in the helpful information section of the AWC FAQ.

1) Watch an anime with the genres “Mecha” AND “Action” AND/OR “Sci-Fi”

2) Watch an anime with the genres “Mecha” AND “Psychological” AND/OR “Drama”

3) Watch an anime with the genres “Mecha” AND “Fantasy” AND/OR “Comedy”

4) Watch a “Mecha” anime with the tags “Real Robot” AND/OR “Super Robot” AND/OR “Robots”


Information on where to find format and score is located in the helpful information section of the AWC FAQ.

5) Watch a "Mecha” anime with the format “TV”

6) Watch a “Mecha” anime with a format other than “TV”
- No runtime requirement

7) Watch a "Mecha" anime with a mean score of 70% or above on AniList

8) Watch a "Mecha" anime with a mean score of 69% or below on AniList


If the source listed is incorrect / missing make sure to submit a data change to help make AniList data more complete. Information on how to submit a data change and how where to find adaptations is located in the helpful information section of the AWC FAQ.

9) Watch a “Mecha” anime where the source is listed as manga

10) Watch a “Mecha” anime with a source other than manga
- Includes anime without a source listed

11) Watch a “Mecha” anime that has a sequel or is a sequel


12) Watch a "Mecha" anime from Sunrise
- You can still use Sunrise for one of the studios below

Watch a "Mecha" anime from three DIFFERENT studios:
Makes sure to comment which studio was used per requirement

13) First Studio:

14) Second Studio:

15) Third Studio:


Information on where to find aired year / season is located in the helpful information section of the AWC FAQ.

16) Watch an "Mecha" anime that began airing in 2004 or before

17) Watch an "Mecha" anime that began airing between 2005 and 2010

18) Watch an "Mecha" anime that began airing between 2011 and the current year

19) Watch an "Mecha" anime with 12 or fewer episodes

20) Watch an "Mecha" anime with 24 or more episodes

21) Watch an "Mecha" anime that aired in the spring or summer

22) Watch an "Mecha" anime that aired in the fall or winter


English and/or Romaji counts for all title entries. Do not use Hiragana, Katakana, or Kanji

23) Watch a "Mecha" anime that begins with a letter between: A-L

24) Watch a "Mecha" anime that begins with a letter between: M-Z

Character / Setting

Make sure to add a note with the character’s name / setting location per requirement

25) Watch a “Mecha” anime with a female main character that is a mecha pilot
- Name the character

26) Watch a “Mecha” anime with a military organisation
- Includes mercenaries, governments, intergalactic forces, etc.
- State the name of the organisation

27) Watch a “Mecha” anime set in outer space or on another planet
- State the location

28) Watch a “Mecha” anime with a post-apocalyptic or dystopian setting
- State the location


29) Watch a “Mecha” anime from another participant’s challenge OR a "Mecha" anime recommended by a user on the AWC Discord
- Include a screenshot

30) Watch a "Mecha" anime that you have not used for any other AWC Challenge


Bonus requirements can be swapped for any four original challenge requirements. You cannot repeat requirements.

Bonus 1) Watch a “Mecha” anime that aired prior to 1990

Bonus 2) Watch an award winning "Mecha" anime (make a note of the award that was won)

Bonus 3) Watch a "Mecha” anime listed in the top 250 anime on Anime News Network

Bonus 4) Watch an anime with "Mecha" AND your lowest rated genre based on mean score on AniList May use 2nd lowest (and so on) if none exist
- Include a screenshot

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