Locked [closed] AniList Wrapped 2022

100https://i.ur.com/vVMppz5.png With the year coming to a close what better way to end it than with your very own anime and manga wrap? The Kusogaki Events team proudly presents the Unofficial AniList Wrapped for 2022. Get insights into the total amount of anime and manga you have consumed throughout the year. Deepdive into what your most popular genres are. Analyse your activity on AniList. And much much more Comment on this thread any time before the 1st of February and you will receive your wrap Event has ended Thank you for your participation. See you around next year nbsp Disclaimer: All stats are pertained to the year 2022 only. Stats may be incorrect if Activity Merge Time is set to always and/or dates are incorrectly entered. Most stats are selfexplanatory however weve gone ahead and explained how some of the less apparent stats are calculated. Messages: Refers to the number of messages received not sent Most Liked Post: By default it will display a Status post with the most likes is shown along with the number of comments in it. List entries and messages are shown if no status posts are detected. Status Posts: Number of text posts you have posted on AniList in the year. Genre Stats: A tiny tidy graph depicting the number of anime you have watched in a particular genre. Highest Rated: This is what we determine to be your highest rated manga / anime on a number of factors not simply your score. While your score plays a big part of these metrics we include more factors into the mix to establish a highest rated anime / manga for people who dont rate or use fairly ambiguous rating systems such as smileys. This might lead to scenarios in which your featured anime / manga is not what you actually rated the highest if there are other close competitors but should for the most part be featured in the Top 6. Quickest Binged: As the name states your quickest binged anime and manga in the year. Anime with fewer than 6 episodes are not taken into account. If you finish an anime sooner than the time it takes to watch e.g. speed watching / marking them all at one go they dont count. Average G.T.A Rank: A total average of all the ranks youve received for participating in our Guess The Anime. Events Participated in: The number of Kusogaki events you participated in throughout the year. Not all events were tracked. You may not have liked the event post or linked to the event thread if the number is incorrect. Biggest Fan: With key indicators such as likes comments and messages we have successfully found out who has been stalking your AniList profile for the past year. Extrovertedness Metre: With a unique Kusogaki blend we present to you the extrovertedness meter. Compete with your friends on how extroverted you have been in 2022. If you somehow managed to get the meter to go negative You are a true hikikomori.
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