[Spoilers] GOBLIN SLAYER - Episode 12 Discussion


Discussion thread for Goblin Slayer episode 12. Aired Sunday, 30-Dec-2018 00:30:00 JST.

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What did you think of the episode?

  • Favorite scene/moment?
  • Enjoying the series so far?
  • What do you expect or want to happen next?

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what the frick...!!!!
They changed the mood...
I wanted a plot T_T
It felt kinda like they tried to make the mc 'weak but cool guy who tries hard because ... its cool~?!!'
I didn't really like how they made him look weaker suddenly just for the priest loli to jump in to the rescue. And then turns out it was all a part of THE PLAN. Yeeeaaah, idk about that~, feels kinda pushed considering how the action was dealt with in the rest of the series. Welp~ gotta go so bye~.


I wouldn't say they made him look weaker in the end just for the sake of it. It was stated that he never fought one head on. All the other fights involved strategy and tactics. Its not like him getting wrecked by the lord was any different than the one time he got fucked up by a hob goblin so I don't get your argument about them trying to make him look weak because its "cool". Although I do agree it was dumb for the priest to come in after the fact. The plan could have been executed just the same without him getting his shit kicked in lol.


I agree he looked weaker than expected, but first he needed to intimidate his opponent. To look stronger and make him afraid. This worked, but he was not stronger or weaker than the times he fought before. He knew he could not handle it. I guess he needed to make a hit to weaken his opponent and not make him able to break the protection. Got smashed up good doing it. It is the logical outcome, but would have liked a complete annihilation of his enemy to finish this season.


All i wanted was a view of goblin slayer's face :(


I personally am kind of glad they didn't show his whole face, I think they showed enough.