2019 New Year Resolutions!


Happy New Year (whenever you join in on the joy that is 2019)!

What are your life resolutions and anime resolutions for 2019?

My life resolution is that I am going to get fit and dedicate my mornings to exercising.

My anime resolution is to watch Flip Flappers (otherwise @Tab will be disappointed in me).

Share yours and let's hold each other accountable through 2019!

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I wanna learn to sing & play guitar simultaneously by the end of the year



I wanna quit watching anime (probably never gonna happen though)


What are your life resolutions and anime resolutions for 2019?

Life Resolution: Get a Job
Anime Resolutions: Put my black hole (Planning list) fewer

  • Watch Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. Geek out how awesome Avengers 4 (hopefully) is and write another lengthy article reviewing it.
  • Complete Clementine's journey with the final season of Telltale's Walking Dead. Maybe replay the entire series from the start.
  • Geek out over Black Mirror season 5. Review every episode.
  • Read Nick Spencer's run of the Spider-Man comic as soon as I can. Cry over how


    is finally back with Peter Parker. Laugh at Dan Scott for trying to split them up for so long.
  • Read even more visual novels? Perhaps.
  • Buy Steins;Gate Elite on PC. Pre-order if possible.
  • Read Chaos;Head Noah at last, after a long time waiting for its English translation.
  • Either mourn the demise of Pixar's creativity when Toy Story 4 is released... or cry like a baby over the amazing ending, gushing like a fanboy over how "Pixar has returned to form" and how it managed to top Toy Story 3's already satisfying conclusion. Fingers crossed. Don't let me down, Tom Hanks. You said that the film's ending will change the face of cinema... or something along that line. lol
  • Finish my Prince of Egypt review at some point in the far future.

Be a slightly kinder person than I was the day before.

Shouko Makinohara from Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl-senpai no Yume wo Minai


why do you have to murder me right in the feels man. :(


Find a Kanojo
play with friends
Stop watching anime, Playing games, reading manga, LN etc.
do more outdoor stuffs

It'll never happen first of all I like being alone, second I have a lot of waifu and kanojo lol 2D better, third I have online friends so yea we will do it later lastly I cant stop those things I might die if I stop those so yea no thanks and Hell noooo! Outdoor stuffs sucks it'll only drain your energy.

# so my newyear will be the same. sounds fun :>


Join the gym - Get fit

Read some more - I've got a few books just sitting there

Stop procrastinating - At least when it comes to school

Be more social as if that's possible rofl


I want to get fit, so I will be joining the gym from January. I started prep with fixing my diet, so it's already almost -10kg, I hope gym will be as effective

I need to learn another language

Need to study Rachmaninoff's piano pieces even more

I'm going to finish writting first novel / start second one

pass exams pass exams pass exams

Maybe it would be cool to stop being a terrible person that everyone hates, but that is hard

I think I'll finally will go from semi-goth rock style to something even more radical

would be cool to get a bf, but that's just a dream lmao


Grind more CSGO
Beast College
Decrease my PTW list
Stop being a toxic little bitch


My new year's resolution is to stop commenting on pointless forum threads


Changing nothing, I'm already perfect.

Maybe cool it with the whole figure pre-ordering thing.

Send help.

@Zex Here ya go buddy, the next frame in the show.


I wanna learn Japanese.
Anime Resolutions: clear "my plan to watch/read" dungeon.
start reading LN, manga & comic (anime only right now)


I wanna lose some extra weight and take care of myself better. But it is haaaaaaaaard!
Anime... idk, watch or read the most popular shounens.


weeb resolutions -- reduce the number of shitty seasonals I watch, work on my PTW and Paused

irl resolutions -- just get my life back on track. hopefully get a job. feel more secure about doing things on my own.