[Spoilers] UniteUp! - Episode 3 Discussion

As I thought from my prediction from episode 2 the episode focused on LEGIT I loved the development between Eishiro and Daiki though I wish I got to see more involving Fuuga since I felt like he didnt do too much. The interaction between Eishiro and the main three was a great one and I loved the reference Akira made to Crossfire making it a unique one rather than a universally known one. I also loved the flashback to how Eishiro and Daiki first met and then the setting jumps to there again for present time and shows how the two bond again and are set for the show. Wow the performance was great I personally liked the CGI usage there and the song was an absolute banger. Hoping to see more like this. Last thing I want to say is how JAXX/JAXX made their first appearance so maybe the next episode will focus on them? Im not too certain though we didnt get much interaction from them within their screen time in the episode. What do you guys think of the episode?
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