Help me decide my next visual novel. (Finished)

Im just about to finish grisaia no kaijutsu. Need help to decide which series to pick up/complete next. Help me decide in the poll. Options are: 1. Kira Kira 1. White album 2 1. Danganronpa 1. Steins gate 1. Umineko Edit: If you cant vote Ill count the comment as +1 vote for a series as well at the end in about 6 hours when I set the poll to end. Thanks Edit 2: Thank you everyone for voting. And the results are in and we have a clear winner. Winner and my next VN= Umineko with 17 votes. Kinda surprised danganronpa didnt get as many votes. I expected this to be a vote b/w umineko and danganronpa but had a pretty different result
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