[Spoilers] Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari - Episode 4 Discussion


Another great episode.. 2nd best after first episode (imo) .
Great to see raphtalia's character development too. They're really trying to make everyone hate the kingdom ( the princess especially).
9/10 for the anime so far.

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I'm not gonna lie I was still iffy on this show, however, the past me is known to be an idiot. Raphtalia is the savior of all life on earth and we should all pledge to protect her.


That's pretty much how I felt.
The first 2 episodes were "meh", the third one was good, but this one completely captured me.

I'm actually going to read the LN because I really want to know what happens next and waiting a week is too much!


It has a manga too


Don't tell them that! They will get addicted too fast 0_0


I really enjoyed the new episode, although the last scene with Raphtalia was TOO cheesy in my opinion. ..and I'm RLLY hating the king and his daughter aaaaaaaafhlkasdfk, sometimes I can't controll my emotions.


I know anime can make a good scene in a manga great by adding voices, music, and color, BUT the final scene in this episode felt weaker compared to the manga. Disappointed in that, but still a good episode.


Amazing <3


King has IQ like 5, princess has IQ like 6. What a bunch of dicks.