Where can I watch my hero academia the movie?


I have to be honest. Where can I watch this.

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Currently, no way exists to be able to watch it.

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You're better off buying the official blue-ray costs a lot but worth it. Might as well order it online. Its better to own stuff rather than pirate it. There are websites that does shipping and handling to people's houses. So yeah the proper way to obtain things.


I know for a fact it was in certain cinemas for AU/NZ/US/CA due to Funimation (and by extension Madman)...but that was about 3 - 6 months ago. Google + ANN tells me it was released in the Philippines and Mexico around that time as well.

According to comicbook.com, the BD/DVD is out on February 13th (which is still half a month away)...which I'm pretty sure ANN said is for Japan.

Apparently Amazon and Manga UK have an April 8th release date for the BD/DVD, so I'd expect other English releases to be out around them.


I dont know, should have watched it while it was in theatres unless there wasnt any near you
There is no LEGAL way of watching it right now unless you buy the dvd on funimation.


The dvd won't be available until March of this year (for the US, region 2 is available in April.) I believe Amazon has it for pre-order with both the ENG and JAP voice options. If you preorder it, which I'm thinking about doing, you do save a bit.


I saw it in theaters with some friends but I haven't seen it online anywhere yet. Probably won't be until the DVD is out.