[Spoilers] Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari - Episode 5 Discussion


Another cute creature. This episode was fun. Not sure weather Filo turned into human form by leveling up or she can change it at her own will. Probably the former looks like the case here. I prefer the bird Filo tho(for now).
She destroyed spear hero's crotch so props for that as well.

Also the queen seems to be somewhat controlling her daughter(the princess).

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You can see Filo transforming in the opening, so i guess she can do it on her own will later on.


I was surprised the Queen showed up this early, but shit's about to be straightened out.

Can't wait for the "Judgement" of Bitch and Trash lol


Spoiler much? But still good thtat;s coming


the queen definitely has a lot of power, more so than the king it seems as the princess was visalbly scared of the hooded people

to be honest i think i would have liked the shield hero just to decline the race and watch the princess have to leave as im sure that scroll said the shield hero was to be the new lord

gotta say i really liked this episode. was nice to see the princess getting some payback. i hate her nearly as much as i hated joffrey :D


The Queen's stronger than the king i'm pre sure, its a matriarchy after all


They did say that it was a Matriarchy in the first episode didnt they.


When ?


"In the first episode"


I meant like what part of the episode. I don't want to rewatch the entire episode for a single line.


iirc when Naofumi gets accused of rape in front of the kind and the other heroes


it was when naofumi rejected the wine in the tavern. she said something like "brave of you to reject a woman in a matriarchy"




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