What the hell.


How did this get not only funding, but also airtime?

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I been saying since episode 1 that this is going to be the worst anime of the year


Now I'm really curious about it, but I won't risk.
I risked with Shield Hero and I didn't like it.


To my understanding (note I haven't gotten around to this show yet), Dimension High School belongs to a very small subset of shows which focus on a thing called "nazotoki" (essentially puzzle-solving - to me, the characterising show of this subset is Nazotokine, but apparently Professor Layton stuff falls under this umbrella as well). The fact this has its own term proves there is some financial viability to it.

I cannot defend the quality of the animation or the choice of using live-action as a selling point...although I shouldn't complain about the latter, since "Junpei Shiroyama" is the voice actor for Wakura in Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu HAPPY KISS!, and that's why I want to watch the show in the first place.


oh god, i remember watching nazotokine, it was awful
i really don't understand why these shows exist. a lot of them seem to be adverts for puzzle games, but surely it would be better to have no anime at all than this ??


Actually, most of the shows (that is, everything but the Professor Layton stuff) are original. I think that's the thing that confuses me about nazotoki the most...


I like it. only watch the first episode, but it was funny. To bad I don't understand the puzzles. Though I don't get why its so hated when boring uninspired shows like quintessential quintuplets get so popular.


Some Japanese TV execs probably caught Adult Swim & decided there was a market for that sort of surrealist fuckery.