Most Depressing Animes.


List your opinion on the saddest anime.

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There's kind of a difference between "saddest" and "bleakest" for me, but I'll list a few

Rose of Versailles (last 10 episodes)
Now and then, here and there

Are all the bleakest ones, the saddest ones are

Grave of the fireflies
Your lie in April
Clannad after story


Your lie in April was really sad and I'm bout to watch Clannad. I had also just finished Anohana which was pretty sad.


Anohana didn't really affect me all that much emotionally because the characters weren't developed all that well, angel beats is a better feels fest.


Angel Beats was too laid back for the most part for me.


Angel Beats had barely any character development compared to Anohana....


I'm wondering if i should watch Clannad or Erased.


Depends on what you're feeling for right now.

Mystery, Thriller? : Erased

24 episodes of fun, then 24 episodes of depression: Clannad + Clannad After Story


Is Steins Gate considered sad?


That depends on if you can imagine going through what okarin does in the second half of the series. Other than that, I don't know.


I wouldn't say it's sad, it's a thriller. Though that depends on each person. Its sadness is nothing compared to something like Your Lie in April


I think the characters were very well developed actually, everyone had merits, flaws, goals, hobbies and distinctive characteristics. They maybe relied a bit on tropes but non that much. What makes you say they were bad?


I never said it was bad just personally it wasn't that sad for the most part, An exception being the death of Otonashi's little sister.


@Saurumon my reply was directed at @KenOh30 but maybe I messed up


my bad


Not that they're bad, but it's hard to feel sad at the ending when menma's personality doesn't really extend beyond being merely cute. Hachikuji in the monogatari series shows how this kind of character can be done right.


I was actually thinking to the other protagonits, but now that you mention it, Menma's character is not developed. Still, I think it's acceptable, I mean she's dead, didn't have time to really grow up.


That's how I felt, She had already accepted her fate and knew she had to go to heaven.


I agree. Your Lie in April made me cry, which very few anime has. The love triangle and bonds bw Kaori and Arima connected with me so much.


This has a very unlucky character

This has a very depressed character

This has a very dead loli

This is a sad and beautiful movie about WWII

This has a gloomy atmosphere

This ruined my mood

Dead people incoming

Love sucks

Love sucks 2

Dead husband best boy


You the Plug.


Depressing or just sad? I don't think it's the same.
Depressing is Honey and Clover (heavy depresion is coming, especially Takemoto's thoughts), but not sad. Maybe also March Comes in Like a Lion, first season is quite depressing.
Sad is Anohana. Not depressing, just sad. Sadly. Oh, and Death Parade - the same, sad but not depressing.
Both? I guess Grave of the Fireflies.


Does this mentally fuck wit your brain?


well it has a pretty fucked up storyline so yeah?


Clannad deals with issues that evoke sadness but its pretty uplifting

Something thats like bleak with no hope is like Grave of the Fireflies


Wasn't even sad, just gave you a feeling of happiness that a kid finally got his life straight after someone he cared about died.


episodes 13 till I think 16 from darling in the franxx omg, sooo sad


My favorite kind of sad is the one that leaves you feeling like the story just beat you up and you're stunned and it hurts so much but you can't stop thinking about it.


Which of these is saddest?


Wolf's Rain.

Make sure you watch the ending, too:


When the happiest moment is also the saddest. A bittersweet story.

When you lost yourself loving someone.

The promise of waiting for someone that became uncertain.

When you lost everything