Based on my list; what do you think I should check out: Give anywhere between 1 to 5 series or movies or a combination


After binge watching Hunter x Hunter 2011 and finishing it, I need something new to watch; please check my anilist; which you can by clicking my username, to see what I might like.

I don't want too many suggestions; so please suggest anywhere from 1 to 5 things. They can be series or movies or a combination.

The Only major thing that I tend to not like are Harems, though I'm okay with reverse harems: 1 girl a bunch of guys interested in her. Just because the characters seem to be more developed then with normal harems.

Other then that, I'm pretty open to a wide variety of genres.

If there are any suggestions that are in any way similar to what I've seen so far; feel free to say something like this anime is kind of similar to this anime that you've seen or other similar things like that; that might get me interested in watching it faster.

If anyone feels like suggesting more feel free to do so.

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Since you mentioned reverse harems, this one's pretty good, it's currently airing.
Then from looking at your planning list, I can't recommend Kaiji enough, one of my most favorites.


That must be fate or destiny talking; because I was heavily considering Kaiji to be my next series. It was one I've been considering for a long time.

I'll probably check that out soon; thanks.

I've heard of several different anime being talked about this season; but haven't heard of Meiji; though reverse harems tend not to be as popular as normal harems out there, so that could be why.

I'll think about checking it out here; thanks for the suggestions, appreciate it.


You're planning on watching Haikyuu!! - definitely go for it, it's awesome. When I first started it, I felt kinda dumb wasting my time on a show about volleyball, but within a few episodes I was hooked and have watched all the three seasons twice since then (it's the only anime where I remember nearly all the characters' names xD). Generally Haikyuu!! is a good choice whenever you're feeling down or just could use a bit more optimism.

As for reverse harems, I've just finished (binge-watched xD) Ouran High School Host Club, and since I haven't seen anything else of the genre to compare it to, I can't tell how un/original it is. But it was fun and fluffy and not too cringey, plus I think it's very much obvious with whom the heroine is supposed to grow closest to, so the eternal question "will they, won't they" is kinda out of the game. I gave the show a 7, but that still means I strongly recommend it.^^

Since you've seen Cowboy Bebop, you might enjoy Samurai Champloo as well. It's done by the same people and it's also episodic and has a rather prominent soundtrack (who would've guessed samurai and hip-hop go so well together?). People who've seen both the shows tend to prefer Bebop, but I've seen Champloo first and hated Bebop (couldn't even get past the second episode), so it really is subjective (what a surprise^^). I'm also attaching an AMV (not mine :-)) that captures Champloo quite well, perhaps minus the friendship development between the three main characters.

And finally, Natsume's Book of Friends and Into the Forest of Fireflies' Light have both the atmosphere and supernatural elements of Wolf Children. I was a bit bored by all three of them (hence 5 - 7 ratings, with 7 being actually still very good), but I don't think they're bad anime; they're just not my cup of tea, I know that now. You might like them though.