AFTERLOST - Episode 2 (Release Discussion)


The hole that causes the Lost City and everything to do with it is still in the fog, episode 3 needs to deliver some answers quickly just to give the audience something to chew on because it is really hard to root for the characters. The flashy visuals make up for the lack of smooth animation during fight scenes, rather the camera angles used also help make things feel less choppy. Takuya has just started to earn Yuki's trust, and she seems to have gotten a bit of a feel to summon out her stand-like spirit/power/thingy-mi-bob. This is going to help Takuya fulfill his mission, to locate Yuki's father. Yumiko and Kouta put their bodies on the line in this episode.

What did you think of the episode?

  • Favorite scene/moment?
  • Enjoying the series so far?
  • What do you expect or want to happen next?
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•Honestly as it stands the whole thing, every moment is an action sequence pretty much, though that can only be entertaining for so long...
•Yes, but only because this series is really quite cinematic, a bit like an action movie, I'm probably going to get quite bored of that soon though
•I expect in all seriousness the show will continue to give very slow exposition through the constant action, in all seriousness though, what if Yuki is somehow responsible for the disaster?

This episode was alright, pretty much the same quality as the last