Midnight Occult Civil Servants - Episode 2 (Release Discussion)


I always like when they mix mythology from different cultures together, that's always a big plus, and I think this show handles it well. We got more information about the "Anothers" through Arata's backstory that we got to see a little bit as the episode began. Pertaining to how Arata can understand and communicate with them. Being a descendant of Abe no Seimei: a powerful Onmyoji from the Hein Period is the reasoning behind this.

Arata's grandfather was the one who told him about it, but he was young back then, and to make matters worse, nobody believed him. What's interesting about these flashbacks is how while he has (unconsciously) been able to see Anothers’ (such as Yuki) at the time, he might have not been able to hear them as he does now. Unfortunately, because Arata didn’t care about learning about Seimei fro his grandfather, he doesn’t know much about him.

This leads Arata to look into his grandfather’s stuff for more information. In this part, we meet the nekomatta Yuki, who has been entrusted the responsibility to protect the contents within the family’s storehouse by the Miyako Clan’s ancestors hundreds of years ago. This moment is pretty cute, Yuki has been all alone for so long guarding he storehouse, and the only person he has talked with was a young Arata which was years ago, Arata ends up remembering a little and this reunion is sweet. So a lot happened in this episode, a bit more questions from the premiere were answered, several interesting events such as the sighting of the monstrous Kisha with an unidentified person riding on top of it, the introduction of Suzuka and her hair, the warning of the "Oni," and falling into a pit of a newly introduced character who seems to have a grudge against Seimei - let alone, the fact that he has walking dead corpses at his side that is threatening Arata and his senpai.

Despite it being low-rent in terms of budget and production, it has a nice balance of thrill with the mysteries and charms thanks to Arata’s hysterical and endearing interactions with various Anothers and his fellow colleagues.

What did you think of the episode?

  • Favorite scene/moment?
  • Enjoying the series so far?
  • What do you expect or want to happen next?
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