Bokura no Hentai: Introduction & Parou

I'd first like to say this is an analysis I wrote for the characters and series as a whole, hopefully I tagged it correctly so I won't get in any sort of trouble. I'd like to share it so I can see what people think and maybe get some constructive feedback so I can make better analyzes in the future. This first part will be covering series overview and then Tamura "Parou" Osamu in depth, if people like then maybe I'll have the motivation to finish it lol. So, with that said lets begin.

This is a manga that had great influence over my life and one that I feel deserves far greater attention than it currently gets.
I know what you may be thinking with a title like that, but I assure you it’s not that kind of Hentai. The title is actually meant to be translated as “Our Transformation” according to the author Fumi Fumiko. Of course there are spoilers inbound, with that out of the way, let’s get to the actual meat of this post.

The story begins with what appears to be an ordinary meet-up between three typical middle school girls, however they aren’t exactly what they appear to be. Tamura Osamu (Parou) and Ryousuke Kijima (Yui) are male identifying crossdressers with their own reasons for crossdressing and Marika Aoki (dead name Yuuta Aoki) is a trans girl. They had met online via a forum for crossdressers and after getting to know each other some, they decided to meet up in person and this is where the first conflict occurs.

Yui quickly asks them what reasons do they have for crossdressing as he hopes to find people going through the same thing he is, but sadly for him that isn’t the case.Yui began crossdressing to try and fill the void that his older sister left when she tragically died years prior because he feels that will help his mother who’s mental health has been steadily declining after her demise. So, when Parou says he started doing so because the man he likes claims to only like girls and Marika states that she isn’t crossdressing, but rather it’s when she’s wearing men’s clothing that she’s actually crossdressing. Yui is taken aback and openly disgusted by them tosses some money onto the restaurant table they were sitting at and leaves. Parou isn’t particularly hurt by his reaction, but Marika was and Parou comforts her telling her that he’d like to meet up again and how he was happy to have met her. Marika quickly falls head over heels for Parou as she envisions him to be a gallant prince.

Now, I want to dive into the individual character’s stories. 

To start with, the oldest of the trio: Tamura “Parou” Osamu is a third year in an all-boys middle school, meaning he’s a year older than Ryousuke “Yui” Kijima and 2 years older than Marika. When he was in his first year of middle school he met a boy in his third year named Shibuya who seemed exceptional, kind, compassionate and with excellent grades;Tamura looked at him with eyes of deep affection and admiration. On the night of the cultural festival atop the school roof he found Shibuya and they gazed down at the bonfire and on impulse Tamura confessed his love for Shibuya while dressed as a maid as his class did a crossdressing cafe for the festival. As anxious as he was after having suddenly confessed his feelings to his upperclassman, he was given an answer that was, while not ideal, good enough for him at the time. “I’m not gay, so I’ll go out with you only if you dress like a girl.” Tamura at this point in time romanticized the unclear, having one bad eye he would cover up his good eye and look up to the moon and see it as two and think to himself, “The more I like something;the better it is not to see it clearly.” As such during his abrupt confession, he looked at his upperclassman with his bad eye. The meaning behind this romanticism is fairly simple, it just means that the more you like something the better it is to turn a blind eye to the faults that it has and turn a blind eye he did.

I’d argue Shibuya was manipulative from the beginning of their relationship, convincing Tamura to sleep with him shortly after they began dating and then becoming very controlling. I can see why some people might disagree, because at first he did seem like a nice person, but as soon as he added the caveat of “only if you dress like a girl” for dating Tamura I knew he wasn’t exactly a good person and this becomes apparent very quickly into the series. Shibuya fell from grace in a manner of sorts when a rumor went around about him supposedly getting some unknown girl pregnant. Though the rumor had no real evidence to it, because the story was believable it still affected him during his entrance exams and as such he failed to get into the high school of his choosing. He did however still manage to get into a school one rank lower, but because he didn’t get precisely what he wanted he never went to school and became a shut-in who only texts Tamura to come visit him for sex, meanwhile blaming Tamura for him becoming like that. Despite how controlling and frankly abusive Shibuya became towards Tamura after they began dating and Tamura acknowledging that Shibuya is a bad person, he still goes to see him when he asks him to.

He later in the series after getting support from his friends gathers the strength to stand up for himself against Shibuya and finally breaks up with him officially. To be perfectly honest, I feel strangely bad for Shibuya, he’s a broken man and as terrible as he was towards Tamura, Tamura was still the only person he had left aside from his mother, so there’s just a strange sadness around someone being left alone no matter who they are. Now, in no way do I feel Tamura should’ve stayed with him out of pity, I’m just overly empathetic is all I guess.

Now, let’s talk about some of the other aspects of Tamura “Parou” Osamu. Early on he speaks of having a past life where he was a woman and in chapter 4 when Shibuya penetrated him he blacked out because of the pain and during that short black out he had a dream. Within this dream, we see a blurry man with his back to the camera and a background filled with blurred trees behind him and Tamura thinks to himself, ”A beautiful piece of scenery seen with my right eye. Ah! Senpai… No. You’re...someone I know. “ As the face turns around it’s blacked out as if someone had taken marker to a picture and scribbled over the face of someone they hated. This “vision” doesn’t actually mean Tamura had any past life, but rather it is the first hint at how he was molested as a small child by a much older neighbor boy. For awhile he rationalizes the repressed memories of those events as it being a past life as a woman, because why else would he find himself remembering having sex with a man? Whenever he wakes up from this short dream, Shibuya asks him if he’s alright before continuing, but as he watched the ceiling sway he couldn’t shake the dream from the forefront of his mind. The molestation plot point is largely left untouched aside from the hints and glimpses given here and there until the “side-story” Bokura no Hentai-Boku Tabun Hentai came out which focuses on Tamura visiting his parents house as an adult and is subjected to childhood home videos which included the older neighbor boy and brought an onslaught of memories forward. The older neighbor boy had died years prior in an accident, his mother was visiting the Osamu residence as they watched the videos together and Parou confronted them about what had happened to him all those years ago. His mother actually chastised him for bringing it up and ultimately there was no resolution, his mother still refused to believe him and this was the last piece of Bokura no Hentai content to date, so we may never know how that truly ended.

The next scene after Shibuya and Tamura finish having sex for the first time is back at school and he tells Shibuya that, “it seems I was female in my past life” and during that time he wore glasses and had nymphomania. We can infer the nymphomania conclusion came from the amount of sex he vaguely recalls having and as such rationalized it as “not only was I a woman, but I was hyper-sexual as well.” It was also during this scene that Shibuya first began to be cruel towards Tamura in a more blatant manner, slapping away his hand when he reaches out towards him and telling him to not touch him except for when he’s crossdressing. He begins to only show kindness and warmth to Tamura when he’s crossdressing. Now this largely covers everything going on with Parou excluding some other interpersonal drama and his sadomasochistic tendencies which I will get to later down in the post.

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Oh what a coincidence, I was just talking about this manga with someone the other day. I really appreciate all of the research the mangaka did, it's really not often that gender identity/being transgender is properly explored in a manga without it feeling like full-on fetish material.

I liked your analysis, though. I never made the connection between Parou's 'past life' and the memories he was repressing, I thought it was mostly a lie that Parou used to further blind himself from how terrible his situation with his upperclassman really was. I'd be interested in reading more if you ever do post it, though


Yeah Fumi Fumiko was really thorough with her research (as everyone should be when trying to portray something you're unfamiliar with) and I loved the chapter endnote "if you feel like Marika, go talk to the clinic near you" paraphrasing it ofc. Thank you for reading my analysis and I already have the first bit of part 2 written about Yui, I'll see about finishing it sometime so I can share it.


I know you're going to post about Yui next, but I'd be interested in what you have to say about Marika, namely her actions toward the end of the story.

Misgendering herself for the sake of others

I know a lot of people felt like it was a slight towards Marika's character. Though, if this is something you're going to address later then feel free to not respond until then.


Yep will be covering everything about Marika after Yui, she is my favorite character from the series; I mean just look at my username lol.

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I just want to say that while I don't really feel like I am the type of person who should driving this type of discussion forward, I did very strongly appreciate seeing this thread.

To everyone, please read Bokura no Hentai!