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150 Welcome to Manga City a new series of manga reading challenges that well be releasing every other month Join us as we explore different locations throughout Manga City to find the best reading spots and complete manga themed around each location. The Japanese school year has just begun so what better place to start than at school? Please study hard hang out with friends and enjoy our first Manga City challenge and well see you again in June 80 35 Yukino Yukinoshita from Oregairu Badge designed by: Moha 80 The term manga used throughout the challenge encompasses Manga Light Novels Manhua Manhwa and Doujinshi. If it is included on AniList under the search for Manga it counts for the manga challenge Minimum total chapter count: 300 chapters You cannot use the same manga to fulfill multiple requirements within a challenge You cannot use already completed manga You cannot reread manga You can use up to 3 currently releasing and / or previously started manga. You must state what chapter you are on at the start of the challenge If the manga is currently releasing you have to be caught up to the current chapter at the time of challenge submission. If previously started and the manga is: a Fully released then you have to finish it b Being released then you have to be caught up to the current chapter and have read at least one additional chapter. This means you cant be caught up with the manga on a hiatus and use it without reading any additional chapters. List the last chapter and volume read. If there are no volumes the chapter alone will suffice Challenge start date is considered the day you post There is no time limit to complete this challenge Your activity must include the start and end dates which can be added in the AniList List Editor Your profile must be set to public so we can verify your manga list and activity 80 Post a reply in this forum when you start the challenge with the code we have provided below You can keep track of your progress through editing your submission here or update it when you are finished Please use the code we have provided for your challenge submission. You can edit it however you want as long as it follows the same format You can find the challenge code here: Challenge Code Fill out the portions in red text only to keep code formatting When you have fulfilled all of the requirements for a challenge mode please post a link to your submission in the Challenge Submissions forum post You will need to state which challenge you are submitting for. 80 Formatting for challenge submissions should include the following information: 1. Start: DD/MM/YY Finish: DD/MM/YY Challenge Requirement: Link with Manga Title Additional Information Recommendations This challenge no longer offers an automatic recommendation service please head over to the AWC Discord if you need any help with this challenge or would like some recommendations from our lovely community members. 80 1. Read a manga about a school club or school sports teamState the name of the club or sports team2. Read a manga with the tag Bullying or Coming of Age3. First Love: Read a manga with the tag School and the genre Romance4. Read a manga with a character that is a class representative or a member of the student councilState the character and their role5. Read a manga that was featured in Weekly Shnen Jump or Ciao magazine Read a manga with the tag School that does not have an anime adaptationYou may find this link helpful7. Study Session: Read a manga with a scene where the characters do homework togetherMust involve at least two characters studying outside of classInclude a screenshot8. Read a manga where a main character attends college university or grad schoolState the character and the institution9. Read a manga with the tag School that has a character that is NOT a studentState the character they must be listed on AniList10. Top of the Class: Read a manga with a mean or average score of 80 or higher 80 AWC Profile Challenge Code AWC Website Master AWC Post AWC FAQ Post AWC Submission Post AWC Discord AWC Challenge Discussion / Suggestions
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