Can Visual Novels Be Considered as Games?


I would like to hear about what the AL community thinks about this and I want to hear your debate in the comments.

Also keep things civil everyone. ^^

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I guess I could consider it as a game if it has a feature other than just "click to read the next line." Something like how DDLC uses your computer's folders, or Huniepop's Candy Crush + Managing Style.


I agree, but there's also linear visual novels, like Nekopara, where you cant do anything to alter the storyline in any way, and there's no gameplay features


I haven't read any of those but if you only "turn pages", it's not really a game. It's an ilustrated book in digital format.
The ones I've played are Danganronpa and Gyakuten Saiban, and I think everyone can agree those are games, mainly because of the trials.




Depends on the definition of "game". Personally, I don't consider them games, because there's no ability involved. I consider them fiction/narrative.




not really it's just another type of novel

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It's rather common to refer to them as games as games are ultimately just a series of choices. I see no reason to gatekeep VN's from falling under that same umbrella. If someone wishes to call them games that's fine by me


Pure visual novels are not games because they do not have gameplay.
However visual novels in general are marketed as games so in that sense they are.

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The defining feature of the game medium is interactivity. If that is present then yes, they are considerable games.


Hmm, how to explain this. Yes, a visual novel is a stroy but you're an active part of it, can I call an interactive book a game? You're not suppose to take part actively in the story in a book, there isn't supposed to be different routes. Well, i'm kinda not wrong but kinda not right also. To put it simply,it can be a medium for narrative stroytelling, but saying the story should be secondary isn't wrong either.
In my personnal opeinion, as long as the player has a direct impact, I consider it a game.
There's also visual novels like danganronpa,wich you can't say doesn't have lots of gameplay elements