Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life - Episode 6 (Release Discussion)


The verdict of their performance from the previous episode: Success! And the koto club rubbed it in the vice principal's face in their own special way lol Chika getting that beautiful koto from granny was a nice moment in the episode because it was actually a gift to him from his grandfather.

The happiness and cheerful morale of the club was short lived with the introduction of 2 assholes - 1 being the club advisor and the other being the new member Hiro. The latter really stirred a lot of shit in a small amount of time, more so trying to make Houzuki feel miserable. I was perfectly fine with Houzuki's character from the start, and really like her - even though her personality clashed with Chika's but it had chemistry (the good kind) and we have seen development with her through their interactions and club camaraderie.

Maybe something will happen with Hiro in the next few episodes that will change my mind with her but I instantly disliked her and the show will be having an uphill battle trying to sell me her character. The episode ended in this note, Houzuki in a fever and in some weird, small house - maybe she ran away from home? What would a rich person be doing living there?

What did you think of the episode?

  • Favorite scene/moment?
  • Enjoying the series so far?
  • What do you expect or want to happen next?
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Yeah that part with the vice president was pretty great XD. And the part with Chika's koto was really beautiful.
The advisor guy seems like the realist type that knows what is needed to achieve something. He was just a real dick about it. The moment I saw that detail in the OP about Hiro, I knew she was gonna be trouble. And man is she a bitch. I think her attitude stems from something that happened in her past and now she wants everyone to feel the same she felt. I'm interested in seeing where her character is gonna go from here. My favourite moment was probably Chika's murderous stare. Good thing he stopped Hiro's bullshit. At least for now. It looks like Hozuki suffers from like a complex thinking that everyone that meets here is gonna think she is a boring person and abandon her.
She also looks like she is sick.
Looking forward to the next episode.


Yeah ofc I also dislike Hiro so far.

Hozuki gets likeable the more I watch though. She's a nice female character that develops. I also really loved the murderous stare he gave to Hiro. Chika is definitely my favorite character.

My favorite moment for this episode was when Chika got the Koto that was made by his dad. I had to cry a bit!