WebM videos _ Questions _ Any feedback appreciated.


Hey guys,
I have more like a technical question. How do you upload videos directly, not through Youtube?

  • That is if I use WebM video option, I can't see the video itself after I logout.
  • The link is here: https://s1.webmshare.com/rVGGG.webm
  • If you click on it then close it, then video starts to work properly in the Anilist player.

Can anyone check if it works the same for you?
Does anyone know a better way to do it properly?

Thanks a lot,

LOL, I assume a lot of people will get bored from that.

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Can anyone give examples of websites they that you use for hosting WebM videos.


Lets try Webm.Red

Oh it works. Great no need for extra help )


It doesn't have to be a webm btw the videos on my profile page are all .mp4s


Oh I see, so this is the link that you used: https://smplstc.pro/videos/QtQu0AP.mp4 .

Which websites do you use for hosting the videos?


This is my self hosted webserver so its private use I got tired of other sites and their compression so I made my own


I use Imgur for videos less than 30 seconds.


The problem is that you are using webmshare, which is pretty aggressive in blocking hotlinking.
Use another host.


That happens to me, too. I can only watch it in another tab.

I use catbox.moe


Well, on my phone works good. Even allows me to go to the last page without problems.
The problem must be the browser.