One-Punch Man S2 - Episode 6 (Release Discussion)


I don't like it goes so fast. Not enjoyed.

Besides that, legal loli save the show.

what the hell is that?

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It's getting worse by the episode... It legit looks like a power point presentation... Even the sound effects are garbage... I've watched the 1st season 5 or 6 times because it was extremely enjoyable... I've got no words to describe how disappointed I am for what jc staff did... I feel like a fucking Pepe meme right now...


Saitama being in the toilet and not really caring is quite funny and Fubuki got saved by her big sis, although I was expecting a bit more from Tatsumaki. The S Class heroes are getting their asses handed to them.


What the hell is what? What are you trying to point out? Bad CG?


No, I'm talking about the kettle head man.


It was very boring and some of the heroes' costumes looked like shit, visually talking.
I will read the manga one day but s2 is really, not like, a disappointment because i didn't expect it to be a masterpiece either, it's just boring.