One-Punch Man Season 2 - Episode 9 (Release Discussion)


W... what was this episode :( It was supposed to be the absolute, most thrilling episode thus far with the buildup they gave us in ep 8, with some biiiig fights. Instead, it was "life's wisdom with the King" for like 20 minutes, and the remaining 2 minutes were "Meanwhile at the hero association"..

C'moooooooooooooooooooooooon :( We didn't get to see anything :<

I'm.. I like the second season thus far but this was a big disappointment...

What do you think?

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I liked the episode, the pace is also really nice since they're not rushing things.
But the problem is that its set to be a 12 episode anime, this whole season really feels more like something that belongs in some 24+ episode anime. If we don't get OPM 3 right after this its probably too slow, but if they're planning on doing something like once a year this feels like the right pace.


this episode was sooo bad :'(
no big fight, no cool action scene, nothing, like most of the series up until now... idk if i'm exaggerating but this new studio animation makes every episode look so bad compared to the first season that i can't appreciate it... :(


I liked the episode and even if there were no big fights I especially liked the conversation King had with Saitama.


Honestly I didn't mind this episode, and had it been placed after a payoff for last episodes build up I probably would have liked it, but yeah this series is disappointment after disappointment in my opinion...


Yeah that's my biggest gripe. On its own, sure. But after the crazy buildups in the past 2-3 eps...


I enjoyed the episode, I don't expect nonstop fighting out of OPM.