ISEKAI QUARTET - Episode 10 (Release Discussion)


That Reinhard dude is freaking OP - the way that Subaru was describing him.....mind blown.

What did you think of the episode?

  • Favorite scene/moment?
  • Enjoying the series so far?
  • What do you expect or want to happen next?
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Ever since the first episode, I've been waiting for a fight or showdown between the quartet and those who put them in that world. I feel like there is still a turn around for that ending on the field day.

Other than that, the show has been very enjoyable and high quality. It doesn't feel like a quick cash grab, but a fun fan service.


So the others "supportive" characters are now too in that world. Kinda funny too see Subaru his curse for some reason haha. And Kazuma like hell naww I stay in the world ya go and do your shit... 1 sec later he gets totally destroyed by running from Puck & Tanya xD


He's just like that. Reinhard comes from a prestigous family of Sword Saints (Called Van Astrea) that are really good at (you guessed it) fighting with swords. He basically has the power to wish for any Divine Protection which are like special ablities but people usually only have one of them. So if you can have as many Special abilities as you want you're basically invincible.
Anyways, I like the series but I wish we got to see more interactions between all the characters there but that's probably hard considering there are so many characters there and it'd be a bit hard to figure out a way to make them talk to eachother that still makes sense.
I assume that they might be able to explain to Reinhard their situation and he would go easy on them or that they would be able to somehow use all their 'talents' and win against the other class.