AWC: Summer 2019 Seasonal Challenge


Summer 2019 Seasonal Challenge

  • The badge will feature a character from the community’s favourite Summer 2019 anime.
  • Include a link to your favourite anime of the season in your challenge post! All entries will be checked for their final vote on October 1st, 2019.

  • Watch 7 anime that are airing in the Summer 2019 season.
  • All anime must be airing or have aired in the current season.
  • You can watch the episodes at any time during the season, as long as it is before October 15th 2019.
  • If you drop a show, you must replace it with another.
  • You can use an anime you have previously started, as long as it is still airing this season (see below for details about completing anime).
  • You can use anime from other challenges.
  • You cannot use anime with the format “Music”.
  • You cannot use anime with the genre “Hentai”.
  • You cannot use speed watching to complete this challenge.

    Speed watching is watching an anime at 2x speed / 3x speed, etc. This goes against the spirit of AWC challenges.

Completing Anime

Generally, if an anime is listed as Summer 2019 on AniList, you can watch it for this challenge. Some shows from previous seasons will be finishing this season, while others will be continuing into Fall 2019. Please check below for rules about different anime. You must make a note if you are watching an ongoing dub, so that we can take this into account when reviewing your challenge.

  • Regular - shows with 1 cour or less, movies and specials: You must have completed all episodes.
  • Leftovers - shows with 2 cours or more that finish this season: You must have completed all episodes.
  • Continuing - shows that continue after this season: You must be up-to-date at the time of your submission.
  • Special Cases - some anime may not fit the criteria because they may be starting later, or have irregular release schedules. Any special cases for this season are listed below.
  • What is a cour?

    A cour is a three-month portion of anime that airs over the course of a season, usually comprising of 10 to 14 weekly episodes.

Time Limit

  • 15 Weeks
  • Completed submissions will be accepted from October 1st 2019 at 00:01 UTC
  • Submissions will close on October 15th 2019 at 23:59 UTC
  • This is two weeks after the season ends to allow for late shows, longer shows, subtitle releases and simuldubs.

  • Post a reply in this thread when you start the challenge, you can enter at any point before the final submission date.
  • You should keep track of your progress through editing your entry here
  • Please use the code we have provided for your challenge entry. You can edit it however you want as long as it includes the same information
  • You can find the challenge code here: Seasonal Challenge Code. Fill out the portions in red text only to keep code formatting
  • Completed submissions will be accepted from October 1st 2019 at 00:01 UTC, please do not submit completed entries before this date.
  • After this date, once you have fulfilled all 7 requirements, please post a link to your completed submission in the Challenge Submissions Thread

    You can get a link by clicking on the link icon on your forum reply. Post that web address as a comment to the challenge submissions thread

  • Challenges must be submitted by October 15th 2019 at 23:59 UTC

Formatting for challenge submissions must include the following information:

  1. Start: DD/MM Finish: DD/MM Link with Anime Title Additional information
  • Only submissions via the AniList forum will be accepted. This means submissions via Discord, spreadsheets or other documents will not be reviewed.
  • Be sure to note your episode progress, as this helps our reviewers see that you are actively participating in the challenge when the time comes to count your vote for the badge anime.

Coming in December: 2019 Classic Challenge

  • Don’t worry if you get behind, or can’t complete the Seasonal Challenge - you can still be rewarded for watching 10 shows from each season, with no time limit.
  • Just like our 2018 Classic Challenge, AWC will be releasing the “2019 Classic Challenge” at the end of 2019, which will have no time limit but require that you complete 10 anime from each 2019 season to obtain a special badge. (Yes, you will be able to use previously completed anime, including your 7 shows from this Seasonal Challenge!).

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