Maou-sama, Retry! - Episode 1 (Release Discussion)


Another Isekai huhh, haven't heard of this one to be released or havent seen any trailer, but after watching this ep I got interested and it seems to be interesting! Aku gives me Rem vibes, not cuz of her looks but also her personality! This one really is interesting! 8.5/10

and that creditscene... was that a reference to rimuru the slime??? Whoever watched that show knows what I mean! ^^
hmm... are you thinking what I am thinking?
could it be that Rimuru & Demon Lord are going to get their own kind of isekai quartet? Would be dope though!! Looking forward to ep2! :)

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Personally after 10 minutes I thought it was a parody, it looks really bad. I haven't watched the whole episode, just skipped most of the next half, it just looks like a really bad, unoriginal, poorly done, low budget Isekai, what makes you interested in this? (I'm curious, don't get offended ^^)


isekai xdd, I like all of them
I can understand about the quality & the unoriginal part, I think so too, I mean its similar too Smartphone isekai etc. so nothing new, kinda disappointed at that part and the animation could've been better, but this probably low budget soo... but I liked it anyway :)

and I am not offended at all, people have there own taste right?


Ako is alternate universe Rem.
Now. Where is Ram I wonder...


The only reason I'll still watching this anime is for Aku tbh has a poorly animation bad character design and nothing new to enjoy it


Came here for the first impressions. Honestly, I couldn't give a damn if it was unoriginal, I know I'd still watch the entire thing regardless (#IamIsekailLovingTrash). I'll see you guys again in the next 11 weeks! :D


My thoughts same, at least I watch it for the fun and I an isekai trash too! ^^


I agree after the second episode I lowered my score for it but I still enjoy watching it.


I love isekai, to the borderline of stupidity, even if its unoriginal, full of overused tropes I can always enjoy one. I had high expectiations for this one because of character design, simili rem and so on, but got pretty disappointed with this first episode:

  • Something is terribly off with the pace, feels very rushed
  • The MC speaking voice sounds bad and very weird (inside thinking voice is good though)
  • Animation is very limited and bad quality (like, noticeably so)

As I am borderline stupidly addicted to Isekai, I will go on but I really hope next episodes are gonna be better.


I suggested maybe holding off until the first 6 episodes are out before you dive back in?

I usually binge all my anime so that I don’t have to deal with weekly disappointment ( ◠‿◠ )。


Round and round on the isekai train we go.


I was dying for a new Isekai so badly I can look past the flaws. It adds just enough to not be a clone of anything, although I haven't read the source, so I don't know if it gets better with it's concept, but I do hope so.


Is their studio a school club making anime or something?


For real. That second episode was like woah I'm lowering my score for it after this one.


But maybe the description is wrong. Maybe it's not anime, but a manga being played with sound effects and voice acting in the background?



I mean. Why the action scenes have zero animation? They just fiddle with the background and that's all, it isn't much different from watching colored manga.