Isekai Cheat Magician - Episode 1 (Release Discussion)


So, I'm going in blind into this, expecting generic, laidback fantasy with some comedy and obviously op mc's. No expectations, starting series just bc I plan to watch every isekai.

So far, first episode shows really nice art style with more decent quality, that's gonna definitely keep me up if it follows in the future. Good first impression. VA seem nice too, same with sound effects. Overall I liked the episode.

They got accustomed to being in another world really fast, but I can shut an eye on this. Not much was shown of the Earth, so I guess there won't be any major nuances about it besides maybe some memories of these 2. Nevertheless, I can already feel where most of the comedy will come from. Guys will be flocking to Rin, while girls to Taichi, Rin gets annoyed, but too much of a tsun to show anything, while Taichi gonna be clueless and most likely scold the guys. Easy to imagine.

Will be hard not to act biased in the sea of isekais, but this looks like decent start. I'm not expecting S tier storytelling. If the animation, sound effects and pacing will deliver, I'm going to enjoy it a lot, even though I don't consider it as part of main shows of the season.

Gonna read the source after S1 ends. Hopefully gonna be a nice series to enjoy on wednesdays alongside Maou Retry.

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This season has to be up there with birthing the worst isekai in existence... maybe this year. The show looks horrible. Nothing else to say.


I went in with low expectations, and got exactly what I expected. There doesn't seem to be anything special about this isekai so far, other than the myth & roid opening.


I read the first few chapters of this manga last year, I was excited to see it turn into a anime series. Sadly, I wish the first episode put more in depth.


implying it's not generic rip-off garbage


I'll say this now. This isekai isn't good. It's decent enough that I would still watch it but I wouldn't recommend it. I'm just curious to see how it turns out. This episode was poor in quality and if it gets worse, I'll drop without hesitation.


Hate it as much as you want, you guys have watched enough isekai's which are around the same sooo... I don't blame you for that, but I loved it soo yee... Just wish he hugged her from behind when he tried to make up with her. But again I love this show! ^^

"I am a Isekai Trash after all"


In the end it's up to what you enjoy watching ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Use others opinions as a guide, but don't let them decide what is fun for you.


exactly! ^^