Cop Craft - Episode 4 Release Discussion


Still at the rooftop fighting evil asshole wizard ,,,The useless male slave don't even last a second before he is down ,, But my Lesbian cougar are not easy to defeat !!She moves like the wind!!!!Fly like a lesbian hawk!!!!! And strike as brave lioness!!!! ,,,,Gau Gau!!!!!!!! When the wizard is revealed!! ,, My lesbian warrior princess don't waste anytime!! And again the dick get defeated in a mater of seconds and then throw himself from the roof!!!, Choosing a cowards death!! Because he is a dick and not a Female Lesbian Warrior!!!,, The rest of the males in this anime should do the same!!!!!Jump cowards!!!! Or my lesbian cougar will get you,,,,Gau Gau!!!!!!!

I cant stand when females get hurt in my anime!!! Hate that shit, But this is my pick up anime and there for not bound by all my Yuri rules,,, And i believe the fairy chose to die because she love her partner and that was the only way out!! Without both end up dead, A very strong and sad scene!! But also in way warm because all the love between my two lesbians!!!!!

My precious diamond decide to stay because the male are so puny foolish and worthless they cant do anything without her help,, And the slave is being rude again!!!!!!,,, And Honey,, please don't let the slave sleep indoors or call him by name he is a animal and not a human!!,, And he should sleep outside in the fucking dumpster where hes stupid trash ass belongs!!!!!

After being sexual harassed by a police chief that are so doltish he don't understand the different between a fucking finger and a arm!!!!!! Stupid dick!!!,,,,,,, Later at the morgue my girls hit it off,, they are flirting like crazy and trash talking about the stupid worthless dick in front of him!!,,My precious lesbian angels!! You are so good girls!!! And I love you!!!!And we continue the trash talk to my huge enjoyment,,,,Yes!!! Tell him how useless he is,, And we top it of with my lesbian girls posing over hes dead body ,,YEEES!!! ,,Almost perfect they should have kissed as well!!, But the kiss between them will come soon they are obviously in love and have a lot in comment!! As their hate for gross stupid males!!,,, You two are definitely my girls!!!

And we having random unfriendly dick,, He is angry because my lesbian turn him down and don't wanna date him! Hahahahaha!!,,,Awwwww little failed male did she hurt your little pride!! And now you behaving like a disgusting pig!!! I see!!! I know your kind little pig!!! Its not females fault that you are a fucking failure !! That no female ever wanna date,, You are a fucking loser and will always be alone!!!,,,, Anime!! I demand that males death!! He insulted my new lesbian waifu kill him or take my wrath!!!!!

Interrogation beating the shit out a huge male but my princess are a pure lesbian cougar she may be small in size but she is stronger then anything is that anime!!,,,,Then when my precious diamond understand that her new girlfriend is in danger!!! She take a mighty lesbian cougar leap and run to Cecils aid,, Gau Gau!!!!!!! The loser male died as a virgin ,, Good for you anime!!!,,, And when my new waifu is about to meet a gruesome death!!!!!,,,,,,Gau Gau!!!! My lesbian cougar have arrived and put herself between the monster and her new lesbian partner!!!! And then it ends,,, another cliffhanger!!!

Again a awesome episode!!! I had a fucking blast!! ,,, Anime i'm a sucker for strong females that fights and save their girlfriends!!!!! ,, Keep it up and you will get a lot of points,, But i want to see more Yuri!!! Ramp up everything lesbian,, And i want a lesbian kiss ,,After this brilliant episode you have 90/100!!!! Great job looking forward to next week!!!

What do you think?

• Favorite scene/moment?
• Enjoying the series so far?
• What do you expect or want to happen next?

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