Asta and/or Yuno could be the child/ren of Licht


Ok, so far if have watched Black Clover Episode 96, you would know that Licht had a wife and she was pregnant. Yh, I know that it was way back in the past, but during the Elf Genocide, Licht used forbidden magic. It's not confirmed that it was resurrection spell by Patry's assumption which I explained here. Let's just somehow he sent his children into the future. I know the children weren't born yet, but its still possible he did it after they were born. I don't want to go into details about the possible ways it happened so let's just go with that.

Since Licht was an elf and his wife was a human, there could have been soe anomalites with their child/ren. For instance, Yuno has high magic prowess like his possible father and uses wind magic like his possible mother. Like we learned before magic ability is inherited (it's genetic). So there's a really high possibility that yuno is Licht's son. Asta on the otherhand, doesn't have any magic prowess (actual no magic to speak of) and uses anti-magic. This is the anomality I mentioned. Everyone in this world is born with magic but Asta wasn't. This could be a possible defect of human and elf offspring which might happen.

It's possible that only Yuno is Licht's son, but it also goes for Asta since both of them were brought into he Orphanage together and are unique existences in this world. So, that's my theory on that. This epsiode made me think a lot about this, so I wanted to share my thoughts. Feel free to give your thoughts as well.

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