Is it fine to watch a certain scientific accelerator without watching magic index first.


I really want to watch accelerator and railgun but i just can't bring myself to watch magic index, so I'm wondering is it possible for me to just skip it

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I would watch at least the 1st season of index, but no need to watch any of railgun




you don't really need to watch index to appreciate railgun, but it provides some relevant details. first season of index is ok, it's the second and third seasons that start to grind (and aren't worth the investment, imo)

I think not knowing about the origins of last order could make accelerator confusing. if you wanted to watch the bare minimum I'd watch accelerators arc in index.


I actually watched Railgun first years back without knowing of Index lol. Seemed perfectly fine at the time. Don't think there was anything that I really needed to know from the main series.

I actually couldn't get into Index so I've never watched it more than a few eps.

Accelerator I think one could enjoy without actually any background though it'd be a bit confusing. I at least know that watching Railgun gave me enough context to understand what I'm currently watching in Accelerator.