[Release] Plex Metadata Provider


Major search overhaul, now should pick things up pretty well, still some issues, but I have things planned to fix those too.

Have mostly rewritten it and has almost all features now, if anyone wants to test it out and report anything that doesn't work.

I have just started a basic AniList metadata provider for Plex, so far it only supports basic metadata, however I plan to fully support all relevant data, that both Plex and Anilist support.

You can take a look: Just started making an AniList Plex metadata agent, lots of thing still need adding, but take a look if your interested Here

Lots of things still need doing, below is a list if anybody wants to help out:

  • Handle rate limiting
  • Proper search result support (accuracy, and multi result)
  • better data binding to GraphQL Queries
  • NSFW Toggle
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You messed up the link. proper link


Derp, ty, fixed


Thank you for this!
I was looking for a new Metadata provider! I'm gonna switch from Hama to your Metadata provider.

Unfortunately, there are still some issues while matching anime but I think it's a matter of time before it all get resolved.

I see you have added

Searching via id support

How does it work?


For a show that's incorrectly matched, click fix match, then search options, then just enter the shows id, this can no obtained on anilist via a shows url.


And the incorrect matching is caused by two reasons: anilist very strict (and objectively bad) search, and the fact that search results are url encoded, so shows with special characters are likely mis-identified, also a shortcoming of anilist search.


Thank you so much for making this! I have endless problems with HamaTV and also the deprecated aniDB agent floating around. I will be watching your project intently!