What's your perfect anime?


So I just watch a video by Gigguk where he talks about how each and every one of us gets a different experience from each anime, and while you can measure how "good" an anime is, the feels are what makes it a truly a perfect anime for each one.

And yes, while the never is a "perfect" anything, I was wondering what anime was perfect for each one of you?

No need to sound smart or whatever just really curious on the subject.

Mine is "Space Dandy", not sure why, but it never truly left my mind, and I can still rewatch almost every episode with excitement.


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Mine would be Nichijou.

The scenes throughout the show feel like allegories to situations I run into. It's freeing to see similar problems blown up into something ridiculous and eventually solved. It's a bonus that the main characters feel like they would combine into my personality.


Sounds awesome! did you ever find something that gave you a similar feeling?


For sure! A handful of shows have managed to personally connect with me. The next most obvious pick is "Ping Pong: The Animation" which has characters that closely resemble the people I'd meet through various 1v1 competitions such as high school tennis, as well as reminds me a lot of how I identified as a youth. I'd echo the commenters below on their sentiments for Kaiji and FLCL as well.


Mine is FLCL. It got me to start seeking out anime specifically, and I loved everything about it. The animation is exactly what I seek out in anime and the loose themes resonated with me at a young age. I turned on adult swim one night while playing games late into the night in middle school and saw an episode come on starting at the first manga scene.I immediately had to watch all 6 episodes online and loved every second. It's the kind of hyper-specific niche media that would appeal to me. With its crazy animation and abstract narrative, loose but immediately apparent themes of coming of age, and Rock soundtrack brought to you by The Pillows. It demonstrates for me what I think everyone seeks out of media, especially anime fans: seeking very specific media that would appeal to the respective viewer. With the growth of the internet and immediate access to virtually all media ever created, I believe that we will only create art that acts to cater to a more and more specific audience. To reach the fetish for the bigger brain cum. FLCL was my first introduction to this idea for me. Otherwise, there wouldn't really be a point in seeking out anime over other media. FLCL to me is this idea on steroids.


Love it, thanks for sharing with us!


Gintama. Easily the best MC in anime IMO and has top tier action/comedy/drama/arcs/music. Best cast of characters too.

Close contenders are Yu Yu Hakusho and Saiki Kusuo


Now I have to check it out!


You and I think alike. I really enjoyed watching Gintama and it's one of my favorite anime. Yu Yu Hakusho is my favorite anime of all time.
I finished Saiki K a few days ago and it was great!

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Is the best anime I've ever watched.

but only because I love the manga so dearly and the acting brings the specific characters I so love to life.


FMA sure has touched my heart as well :)


Really interesting MC, proper character development, amazing antagonists (in the first season mostly), deals with the idea of despair and psychological manipulation by using an everyman that most viewers would be able to identify with. The battles are all mental and it's the most thrilling thing I've ever watched.
The voice acting is solid, especially for the MC, the gambling is creative and has twists and turns everywhere you look, the narrator is FUN AS HELL and hypes you up the entire time, there is no stupid romance subplot to take away from the real story, it keeps you all tense and excited.
It's overall perfect, at least for me. I've never found an anime I liked more than Kaiji <3


Add to my plan to watch list :) Thanks for sharing


My fav would definetely be the Monogatari Series, when I always used to search for some short anime to watch, I always saw the name of Monogatari, Bakemonogatari, Owarimonogatari, etc. One day I tried it, and damn I loved each second, it's an anime where no mainstream shonen fights are required to enjoy it, just 2 people talking about random things and their problems while also involving different philosophies and thoughts. Yeah, it has its ups and downs, some arcs are better than others, but Monogatari is an anime that has offered me a lot and, even it's finished, the off seasons are yet to come c:


I want to start watching it so bad, and you just made it worse haha


Dragon Ball because of the childhood memories I connect with it and Marmalade Boy since it represents the perfect Shojo anime of the nineties in my opinion. ^-^


Yeah, I feel you, how was the new Broly movie for you?


I didn't watch it yet :x


For me, its always been Naruto, why?
I grew up watching it. The OSTs are really good and the story as well. ^y^


I guess Naruto was special for a lot of kids. Because Naruto was treated like a disease and an outsider, people who felt the same (I guess we all felt that at some point) could be resonated with him.


@Fullbit definitely true.




Nana :)


FLCL for basically everything @GravyPaddock mentioned. I never watched it on Toonami though. I saw had a sticker of a cool looking robot from my childhood and I was trying to find out what anime it was. I searched for robot kid anime, found FLCL, and was immediately struck with nostalgia (the anime I was looking for was Medabots btw lol). But anyway, I love everything about this show. Flaws and all. It's the one anime that exemplifies my taste.


I really need to watch FLCL!

<3 Mikasa

Normally i'd say Attack on Titan but i actually didn't like it when i first watched it, only after S3 came out and i rewatched S1 & S2 it became my fav Anime.
So i'm not sure i can actually pick AoT for my perfect Anime if i didn't like the first time i watched so i guess this would be my perfect anime then


I think the moral of this show is really unique and important.
And I feel the same way about AoT :)


For me it's Made in Abyss. One of my friends recommended it to me and after looking for some images I was like what's this another loli gag anime. And after watching it I learned what is the meaning of "Do not judge a book by its cover" again. now it's first and only 10/10 tv serie on my animelist.


That is exactly what happened to me with this show. Can't wait for season 2!




I actually have several but top 2:

  • idk why but 99 ep felt so fast. The experience watching the show felt like I was Nanba(MC), going through the astronaut training(which felt so real cuz it wasn't rushed), teamwork and his struggles. It honestly inspires me to be an astronaut, even now, even though I'm in college doing programming. It felt like a documentary. Even op 1 song sounded so space-y. For a show bout space, it felt so "down to earth".


  • I enjoyed the psychological mind games of Johan and the choices Tenma made and the mysteries he had to solve to learn the truth and source. (I'm watching Legion rn and its really similar. I love it so far). This was a masterpiece.

Others: Assassination Classroom(The best shounen imo), Monogatari Series s2(26 ep)


Thanks for sharing! Added both to my plan to watch list :)