Steins;Gate - Chronological Order to Watch the Series! (SPOILER FREE!)


Watch Steins;Gate Series in Chronological order for the Best Experience and Remove Confusions later on!

Steins;Gate (2011) - Episodes 1-22

that's right, you skip Ep 23 (& 24).
Instead, watch the Alt. Ep23

Which is also the episode which is gonna introduce you to Steins;Gate 0
After that you watch Steins;Gate 0 - All Episodes
When you're done watching S;G 0 go back to S;G Ep 23 & 24

Trust me, you'll understand when you start watching Ep 23 & 24 of S;G
Ofcourse S;G 0 has flashbacks to S;G but don't worry about it, you'll see :)

When you're done with Steins;Gate watch the OVA

after that watch the MOVIE

after that watch the ONA
(Not needed since it's a advertising, but I recommend it, you'll understand why too)

Enjoy watching this my fellows, ofcourse you can just watch how you want to, I won't stop you, in fact, I can't stop you haha, but trust me, as I stated above, it's gonna confuse you the F out if you don't follow this. If you're about to start watching S;G 0 it is. It took me 2 rewatches of S;G and the others to figure it out. So I want to give you the best experience. Again it's up to you how you want to watch this :)

Spoilers! (I WARNED YOU!)

Soo If I am right you're done watching the series, if you followed this then it means that you didn't got confused at all. I fyou did let me clear it all up for ya! <3

Let's begin with Steins;Gate

Okabe in Steins;Gate -- his original worldline is the "BETA" worldline which we'll call B for now.

Okabe accidently sended an D-mail, which made him travel from worldline to worldlin -- from BETA to ALPHA, which we'll call A!

Ofcourse it took a while for Okabe to realise that he traveled through worldlines. Steins;Gate plays of for the most part in the A worldline, the one where Kurisu dies and Mayuri lives. The B line is the opposite of the A line -- the worldline where Kurisu lives but Mayuri dies.

In order to save Mayuri Okabe had to go from A to B (Again, his original worldline). At the 21th ep of S;G you could see he totally forgot about Kurisu her death in the B line which made okabe scared... Ofcourse he couldn't do it anymore but after the romance scene, Kurisu made him go to the worldline to save Mayuri!

Steins;Gate Alt. 23 & Steins;Gate 0

As I stated in Ep23, he was supposed to have failed (the alt. ep23) which again introduced us to the S;G 0. Okabe now lives in the B line. Kurisu is gone and Mayuri lives and WW3 is gonna happen... S;G 0 played off in the B line. Not gonna go in details, let's skip to the end of S;G 0.

Okabe (in 2036 as we saw) made a video which he was gonna send back to the moment where he failed and was gonna give up (Just like he did in the Alt. To make him go anyway together with our cute travelers -> at the exact same time Mayuri & Suzu arrived there to tell the other Mayuri (the one who stopped okabe in the Alt.) not to stop him but to slap him awake and save Kurisu and prevent WW3 in order to reach Steins;Gate. Now that okabe, went to save her and reached Steins;Gate.

Now Steins;Gate (2011) IS OFFICIALY DONE!!!

Now here's the big question

What'll happen now to the future of S;G 0? Is the future Okabe gonna try reach S;G or not? :O
Hopefully in less then 8 yrs we'll see the answe!!

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