'Read More' in entry synopses interfering with readability


As of the last update, the 'Read More' that is present in entry synopses above a certain length has begun to cause some issues, ironically in how readable some of the information on an entry's page is.

When an entry has a longer synopsis than it initially shows, this apparently somehow throws the information that's supposed to be shown underneath the entry's cover page off, making it appear further up than it's supposed to. In the most innocent cases, this merely causes the top of the box to slide underneath the blue list editor button (example uno)

In more disruptive cases, this can cause one of the special markers anime/manga above a certain popularity/score threshold get to become completely unreadable. (examples deux and san)

Interestingly, this seems to only happen when the entry in question does not have a banner. I'm not entirely sure why, but that's what I observed.

Clicking on 'Read More' fixes these issues (until you revisit the page), so this is obviously not some massive, game breaking issue, but still one that is quite noticeable and annoying when it happens.

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