AWC: Archaeologist's Challenge


Archaeologist’s Challenge

The Archaeologist's Challenge is designed to help participants discover and watch old, rare and unknown anime. You may find the requirements a little more difficult than usual, as they are intended to make you "dig" to uncover those old hidden gems. As such, we recommend that you start with the Beginner's Challenge (or another anime challenge) before trying out the Archaeologist's Challenge. So, when you're ready, brush the dust off something unknown, and good luck unearthing a rare anime... We hope you find something you enjoy!

There is no Recommendation Bot for this challenge, however some of our AWC Discord members will be happy to provide recs if you are having a difficult time finding something you’d like to watch.

Riko from Made in Abyss
Badge designed by Kondor

Rewards: 2 Challenge Points & Badge

  • You can use any number of anime from other challenges as long as they allow sharing
  • You cannot rewatch or use an anime you started before this challenge
  • You cannot use the same anime to fulfill multiple requirements within this challenge
  • You cannot use speed watching to complete this challenge

    Speed watching is watching an anime at 2x speed / 3x speed, etc. This goes against the spirit of these challenges which is to introduce you to anime you may not have watched otherwise

  • You cannot use anime with the format “Music”
  • There is no time limit to complete this challenge
  • Your activity must include the start and end dates, which can be added in the AniList List Editor
  • Your profile must be set to public so we can verify your anime list and activity

  • Post a reply in this thread when you start the challenge with the code we have provided below
  • You can keep track of your progress through editing your submission here, or update it when you are finished
  • Please use the code template we have provided for your challenge submission. You can edit it however you want as long as it includes the same information
  • You can find the challenge code here: Archaeologist Challenge Code. Fill out the portions in red text only to keep code formatting
  • When you have fulfilled all of the requirements for a challenge, please post a link to your final submission in the Challenge Submissions Thread

    You can get a link by clicking on the link icon on your forum reply. Post that web address as a comment to the challenge submissions forum. This makes it easier for reviewers instead of looking through multiple forums for submissions

Formatting for challenge submissions must include the following information:

  1. Start: DD/MM/YYYY Finish: DD/MM/YYYY Challenge Requirement: Link with Anime Title Additional information

    Screenshot image

  • Only submissions via the AniList forum will be accepted. This means submissions via Discord, spreadsheets or other documents will not be reviewed.
  • There is no Recommendation Bot for this challenge.

    1. Watch an anime which began airing in 1950 or earlier
    2. Watch an anime fully in black and white
      3. Watch an anime with the format “OVA” which began airing in 1990 or earlier
      4. Watch an anime that less than 100 users have completed on AniList
      • Provide a screenshot
      5. Watch an anime with only one genre
      • Provide a screenshot
      6. Watch an anime that was a World Masterpiece Theater production
      7. Watch an anime with the tag “Stop Motion”, “Puppetry” or “Flash”
      8. Watch an anime produced in a country other than Japan
      9. Watch an anime with the format “TV” which began airing in 1980 or earlier
      10. Watch an anime with a Popularity of 500 or less on AniList
      • Provide a screenshot
      11. Watch an anime with a Staff or Voice Cast member who has only 5 or less roles on AniList
      • State the Staff or Voice Cast member
      12. Watch an anime from a Studio that has only 10 or less productions on AniList
      13. Watch an anime that satisfies a requirement from the Manga City: Museum Challenge
      • State the requirement
      • Provide any evidence if applicable
      14. Watch an anime that nobody you are following on AniList has completed
      • Provide a screenshot
      15. Watch an anime where the most recent activity is “1 Week Ago” or more
      • Provide a screenshot
      • Recent Activity can be found on an anime’s Social page
      16. Watch an anime that is missing one or more rating from its Score Distribution graph
      • Provide a screenshot
      • The Score Distribution graph can be found on an anime’s Overview or Stats page
      • In the following example the ratings 1 and 3 are missing

      17. Watch an anime that began airing at least 10 years before or after another related anime that you have previously completed
      • State the related anime as well as the anime you watch
      • Must be listed as a relation on AniList
      18. Watch an anime with a music composer born before 1900 listed as Staff
      • State the composer
      19. Explore one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
      • Choose only one of the following and watch an anime with the corresponding tag:

      • Great Pyramid of Gyza: Tag “Slavery”
      • Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Tag “Lost Civilization”
      • Temple of Artemis at Ephesus: Tag “Mythology”
      • Statue of Zeus at Olympia: Tag “Gods”
      • Mausoleum at Halicarnassus: Tag “Afterlife”
      • Colossus of Rhodes: Tag “Kaiju”
      • Lighthouse of Alexandria: Tag “Ships”
      20. Watch a “Hidden Gem” anime recommended by another participant
      • Provide a screenshot or link to the participant’s challenge
      Hidden Gem: Recommend an obscure, rare, unusual or interesting anime for other participants to watch

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    If you are having a difficult time finding an anime to fulfill a certain requirement, feel free to ask in our Challenge Discussion Forum, ask us on Discord, or ask a fellow AniList member for a recommendation.

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