MRC: Explorer's Challenge

150 Ready your backpacks because we are going to explore manga This challenge is oriented towards exploring the media of manga reading less known works and perhaps finding new entries for your favourites collection. Exploration wont be effortless but dont forget that there are rewards waiting for you 80 30 30 30 Field: Link from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Mountain: Buntarou Mori from Kokou no Hito Ocean: Monica from Umi no Cradle Badges designed by: Moha Rewards: First Adventure 1 Challenge Point Badge Second Adventure 2 Challenge Points Badge Third Adventure 3 Challenge Points Badge 80 Exploration starts with 3 requirements in a small village which will be your starting point for every adventure you will take. Then the path divides into three areas: the light green path being the Field that seems so familiar and yet presents some new challenges brown the Mountain forcing us to leave our comfort zone and reach the summit of wide experience blue the Ocean requiring to dive deeper into the media of manga. Later on a couple of new paths arise the darker green being the forest presenting deep relations between the manga just like the trees while the yellow desert makes us struggle a bit more. It all comes down to 3 last paths and their final requirements to overcome. Always remember that at the end of a path theres a badge waiting for you so you should never give up 80 Explorers Challenge is made out of 3 Adventures which means you can complete the challenge 3 times. Every Adventure has to end at a different end point. All 3 Adventures have to be in one thread reply. State which Adventure is First / Second / Third. Adventures have to be split into separate sections The term manga used throughout the challenge encompasses Manga Light Novels Manhua Manhwa and Doujinshi. If it is included on AniList under the search for Manga it counts for the manga challenge Requirements have to be started and completed in the numeric order 1 15. Not following the order will result in invalid completion of the requirements. You are free to pick any requirements you want but they have to follow the map paths and arrows If you failed to fulfill a requirement you have to redo everything past said requirement in order to complete the requirements in the numeric order. Every Adventure comes with 1 additional life which allows you to make one mistake and fix it without having to redo everything past it. Though by failing the second time you are obligated to follow the rule Minimum total chapter count: First Adventure 300 chapters Second Adventure 500 chapters Third Adventure 700 chapters You cannot use the same manga to fulfill multiple requirements within a challenge You cannot use already completed manga You cannot reread manga You cannot use previously started manga You can use currently releasing manga but you have to be caught up to the current chapter before moving to another requirement. You have to include a screenshot of the latest translated chapter at the time of catching up from MangaUpdates and a link to your latest activity for example: You must still be caught up to the current chapter at the time of challenge submission. You can do so after finishing the requirement without breaking the rule of completion in numeric order. Challenge start date is considered the day you post There is no time limit to complete this challenge Your activity must include the start and end dates which can be added in the AniList List Editor Your profile must be set to public so we can verify your manga list and activity 80 Post a reply in this forum when you start the challenge with the code we have provided below You can keep track of your progress through editing your submission here or update it when you are finished Please use the code we have provided for your challenge submission. You can edit it however you want as long as it follows the same format You can find the challenge code here: Explorers Challenge Code Fill out the portions in red text only to keep code formatting When you have fulfilled all of the requirements for a challenge mode please post a link to your submission in the Challenge Submissions forum post You will need to state which challenge you are submitting for. 80 Formatting for challenge submissions should include the following information: 1. Start: DD/MM/YY Finish: DD/MM/YY Challenge Requirement: Link with Manga Title Additional Information 80 1. Read a manga that fulfils an AWC Monthly Challenges requirement of the current month from any yearIf you are doing the requirement in November then Monthlies from November 2018 November 2019 etc. count Include a link to the challengeState the requirementYou must start and finish the manga in the same month2. Read a manga that started releasing in a decade that you havent used for this requirement yetIf you are on a second or third adventure you cant use manga that started releasing in decades that youve used for previous adventures State the decadeWe count decades from 0 to 9. For example a decade would be from 2010 to 20193. Read a manga with the same two last digits of chapter count as your two last digits of Total Manga Chapters Read or Volumes Read statsFor example if you have 10 manga 255 chapters and 22 volumes you have to read a manga with two last digits being either 10 55 or 22If the first digit of the last two is a 0 it must also be included in the chapter count. For example if it is 03 then the chapter count may be 103 203 303 etc. but it cannot be 3.Include a screenshot of your stats4a. Read a manga that was released in a magazine that is no longer being publishedInclude a link to the magazines Wikipedia page in which the released manga are statedExample List Read a manga with a chapter count that falls within your lowest rated by mean score chapter count groupExample a screenshotUnknown does not count as a chapter count groupIf you do not rate manga you may use the chapter count group with the fewest titles read4c. Long voyage: Read a manga that was releasing / has been releasing for 7 or more yearsIf finished had to be releasing for 7 or more years if still releasing had to start 7 or more years ago5a. Read a manga that takes place in the real world outside of Japan but not in EuropeIf the setting is not stated in the mangas Anilist description you must include a link to a page that states the setting in which the manga is setState the setting5b. Read a manga that is a source of an anime with a mean score of 59 or lower5c. Read a manga from an author or an illustrator that has only worked on 1 mangaState the author or the illustratorCredits for original work do not count6a. Read a manga that features an object from one of the MRC Challenge forum post graphicsInclude a link to the challengeState the objectThe object does not have to be from the original sourceManga City maps do not countFor example moon from Manga City Cemetery Challenge a screenshot6b. Read a manga that 5 or less people have in their favouritesInclude a screenshot6c. Flip Read a manga that is an adaptation of an animeManga has to have Anime stated as its source on the Anilist page7a. Read a manga that has its name written on the cover verticallyInclude a screenshot in case the cover is changed7b. Read a manga that is/has a sequelRelations have to be stated in the mangas Anilist page7c. Read a manga that has two of your least read genres by countIf no manga is applicable combine one of them with your third least read genre etc. until a valid manga is foundInclude a screenshot of your manga genre stats page sorted by count7d. Read a manga with no text on its cover artInclude a screenshot in case the cover is changed7e. Read a manga that features a water mode of transportationBoats ships sails submarines etc.Include a screenshot8a. Read a manga that was used by someone in the Manga Beginners ChallengeInclude a link to their challenge8b. Read a manga that is related to two or more mangaRelations have to be stated in the mangas Anilist page8c. Read a manga from a year that you havent read yetIf you have read from any possible year or there is no way to read a manga from that year read a manga from the least read yearInclude a screenshot of your stats8d. Read a manga that has 3 or more alternative names listed8e. Hidden Iceberg: Read a manga that has a popularity score of 1000 or less and an anime relation that has a popularity score of at least 4 times that numberFor example a manga with 500 popularity score and an anime relation of at least 2000 popularity scoreInclude a screenshot of the manga stats9a. Read a manga that features a character whose name and surname start with the same letterState the character9b. Read a manga that originated from a One ShotManga has to have an Alternative relation to a One Shot that was released prior9c. Read a manga with your lowest chapters read genre and highest rated tagIf no manga is applicable pick your second highest rated tag then second lowest chapter read genre etc. until a valid manga is foundInclude screenshots of both of your statsIf you do not rate manga you may use your top tag by count9d. Read a manga that features a character whose name and surname consist of 3 or more wordsFor example Victorique de Blois the character9e. Read a manga with a combination of tags that has less than 7 entries on AnilistState the tagsInclude a screenshot of the entries in case more are added10a. Read a manga that another participant has already explored already completed for a requirementInclude a link to their challenge10b. Read a manga that has been written / illustrated by the same author / illustrator as one of the manga from your favouritesState the author / illustratorState the related manga10c. Read a manga that is a source of an anime that was not released by a studio from your top 15 studio by count listInclude a screenshot of your top 15 studios by countManga has to be the source of the anime10d. Read a manga with first three letters that are in an alphabetical rising orderFor example Devilman DEV is valid while Homunculus HOM is invalid10e. Read a manga someone else used for the Manga City Beach ChallengeInclude a link to their challenge11a. Read a manga with at least 5 words in its title that is not source / adaptation of a Light Novel11b. Read a manga in which the volumes and chapters include the same digitFor example 2 in both 2 Volumes and 12 Chapters11c. Read a manga by the author / illustrator whose work you or another participant rated 6 or lowerState the author / illustratorState the related workMention the other participant and include a screenshot of their manga list11d. Read a manga which has two scores in its graph with the same amount of votesInclude a screenshotExample Read a manga that has at least 2 tags from the same categoryFor example Police and Yakuza from tag category OrganizationsState the tags and the category12a. Read a manga that was published by a publisher that starts with a letter that you can find in the word ExplorerState the publisherInclude a link to a page stating the publisherHelpful list Read a manga with at least 2 of the same genres as a manga you read for any of the requirements 7 through 11State the genresBoth genres have to be from a single mangaState the requirement12c. Read a manga that a fellow participant has droppedInclude a link to the participants challengeInclude a screenshot of their dropped manga list12d. Read a manga that features at least 2 languages in its titleEnglish or Romaji titles onlyState the languages12e. Read a manga that is the source of an anime listed as a Hidden Gem by another challenger in the Archaeologists challengeInclude a screenshot of their challenge13a. Read a manga which would fit for at least 2 of the AWC anime listsFor example Festival and Beach or Fireworks and School FestivalInclude screenshots for proofEven if manga is the source / adaptation of an anime that is already in two AWC anime lists that does not mean that the manga also fits the lists so screenshots are still needed13b. Read a manga that is positively recommended by 3 or more votes to a manga you have already read for requirements 711Mention the requirement and the manga you used13c. Read a manga that started releasing after you started the challengeThe date of your challenge start is the day you posted the message14a. Read a manga that is a source of an anime that is Not Yet ReleasedHas to not be released yet by the time of completing the requirement14b. Read a manga that no one you follow has a status ofAll statuses count Completed Reading Plan To Read etc.Include a screenshot14c. Read a manga that you or another participant got recommended by our bot on another manga challengeInclude a link to the challenge post15a. Field Hunt: Read a manga that another person is currently reading from an activity in the Global Activity FeedInclude a screenshot of the activityHas to be an activity of Read and not Completed Plants To Read etc.15b. Reach the Summit: Read a manga that another person recommended based on a genre you havent read or read the least of by countHentai is optionalYou can ask for recommendations on our Discord server a screenshot of your statsInclude a screenshot of the recommendation15c. Voyage Diary: Read a manga or a manga related to an anime from the Recent Reviews sectionInclude a screenshot of this sectionIf you are using a manga related to an anime state the relation 80 AWC Profile Challenge Code AWC Website Master AWC Post AWC FAQ Post AWC Submission Post AWC Discord AWC Challenge Discussion / Suggestions
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